By definition, LMS stands
for “Learning Management Software / System” is a web-based technology or
software application used to design, implement and evaluate a specific learning

One thing people do not know is that
course management system (CMS) is not a course. It is a software like Microsoft
Office, Schoology or others. In Microsoft office, you can use MS Word for
typing letters, MS Excel for ledgers and financial reports and MS PowerPoint
for presentations. It is not tailored to a specific function but businesses use
this software to perform their various duties, which are not all same.
Similarly, a course management system helps educators to conduct online
classes. The teacher does not develop the system but uses it in different ways
to deliver their study material. The software is in no way related to the
course matter.

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A CMS, also sometimes called as an
online training software, takes the learning experience one-step ahead of the
conventional practices. It not only allows the teachers and students to perform
the common tasks but also helps them login on their own schedules. It also
helps teachers give assignments, grade papers, track student participation and
students to exchange study material, take online quizzes etc.

When we talk about institutes, they
can buy the license of a course management system and assist their faculty in
setting up and managing training programs. It helps students view and select
courses and register for them whereas it assists teachers in creating course
schedules, generating reports, issue certifications after course completion

These eLearning systems have
mobilized learning worldwide and made it cheaper for institutions to deliver
what they have to offer. Without maintaining any physical location, they are
able to deliver world-class certifications and degree courses with the click of
a button. Many people do object with the legitimacy of these courses however,
this form of learning has been recognized worldwide as this is a more
interactive form of learning and can be done from the comfort of your own home.