Calamansi is a little, round citrus organic product that is basic in the Philippines. Calamansi, otherwise called Citrofortunella microcarpa originate from Rutaceae family and a prominent citrofortunella in light of the fact that it is an intergenetic cross breed between the attribute of a citrus and Kumquat. All through the world, there are well known names for calamansi including calamonding, calamondin orange, brilliant lime, and Philippine lime. It is extensively refined in numerous spots the world over including Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. The accessibility of this natural product can manage from starting to the finish of the year in the Philippines. A few people utilized it for embellishment or as a fancy tree than to look it as a natural product bearing tree. The span of the Calamansi organic product goes to 23-35 mm in distance across. The shade of the mash of a mature Calamansi and its peel is orange ( Retrieved: January 6, 2018). Calamansi’s lime juice has numerous advantages, it has a pectin content that can treat hack and cool and can bring down blood cholesterol, additionally it is bottomless in Vitamin C that can counteract tooth rot and agony, dental caries, discharging of blood in the gums and debilitating of bones ( Retrieved: January 6, 2018) Additionally, Calamansi peel have four surely understood hydroxycinnamic acids including caffeic, ferulic, p-coumaric and sinapic acids that were considered in the methanolic removes. It held the biggest number of aggregate phenolic acids. Phenolic corrosive is a sort of synthetic compound as betacarotene called a polyphenol. Polyphenols has different composes like flavonoids and stilbenes ( Retrieved: January 6, 2018). The phenolic mixes 2,6-diiodophenol (2a) and 4-chloro-2,6-diiodophenol (2c) have diverse lethality and larvicidal conduct. The compound 4-chloro-2,6-diiodophenol (2c) demonstrated the most astounding lethality for hatchlings of Ae. aegypti and A. salina, displaying higher poisonous quality than 2,6-diiodophenol ( Retrieved: January 6, 2018).