Can anyone imagine life without phones? Think about not communicating with one another and how much dedication and time it would have taken to come up with this invention. Alexander Graham Bell was a scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator. He was the first person to invent the telephone. He was born on March 3 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He took many risks but his family supported him throughout.      Bell’s parents had made a big influence to his life by always being there for him and never giving up on him. Eliza Grace Symonds and Alexander Melville Bell were the parents of Alexander Graham Bell. Bell was the middle of two brothers. He had an elder brother named Melville James who was born on 1845 and a younger brother Edward Charles who was born in 1848. At an early age Bell was homeschooled by his parents. When he went to school, his favourite was music and science. Alexander attended the Royal High School in Edinburgh. He took anatomy and physiology at a University College in London. Bell was not able to complete his studies because his family was moving to Brantford Ontario. Unfortunately, both his died of tuberculosis. Bell married Mabel Gardiner Hubbard. Bell made many contributions to Canada which helped us throughout.      Bell was known for many things but his biggest accomplishment was the telephone. On July 26 Bell got the idea of making a telephone while watching the currents in the Grand River. He thought about the sound waves moving through the air and with the help of electricity it would be possible to transmit sound of any sort. Based on his new idea he started to sketch a telephone and build it. Later he also got the idea of making a photophone. The photophone transmitted sound on a beam light. Bell’s cousin Chichester.A.Bell and Tainter helped Bell develope the graphophone. It was meant to improve the phonograph made by Thomas Edison in 1878. Bell made many mistakes but he learned from them and made his inventions better every time.   Alexander Graham Bell faced many problems and  made many mistakes but in the end his inventions influenced most people’s lives. In July Bell and Tainter made a electrical bullet probe to remove the bullet in US President James.A.Garfield which ended up in a difficult situation and ended up dying with infection. From the mistakes he made he would have known that to make the telephone it would take multiple chances and that he would have to experiment with it. Bell’s mom and wife were deaf and he found it trouble to communicate with them. Alexander is a unique and well-known person, who uses his imagination to do things.      Alexander Graham Bell took time away from his family, so he can work on his inventions and make sure that everyone has their 21st century technology. Alexander didn’t have any idea that his invention would change the world of communication. I think that this extraordinary invention had made our world smaller because now we could communicate around the world anytime. Bell died on August 2 1922 at the age of 75. As a mark of respect the day Bell died every phone in North America was put down for a short period of time. Without Bell,life would be very different. We wouldn’t even know anything about phones.      In conclusion,we can see that Alexander Graham Bell has made many contributions in Canada like the telephone and without his creativity we wouldn’t have a way to communicate with others. We should take him as a role model and make many contributions to Canada as well.