I believe words can be the most painful things In this life. They can communicate so many different things, In so many different ways. Often unknowingly, words can Insult, belittle, and take sides, show anger, pride, and sadness. They are the most diverse and most expressive means of communication. They can sometimes tell more than body language itself. When you are speaking to someone, your words often come to you before your thoughts. They reveal something about you that sometimes you did not know about yourself.

If you cannot control the flow out of your mouth, rods can run away from you and cause serious damage you did not mean to inflict. Often times, you regret what hurtful things you have said, because those things you were feeling were irrational and you know you were wrong. But a great and terrible thing about words is you cannot take them back. You say them once, and you will have said them forever. Words are very powerful and everlasting pieces of communication that we have.

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You can express many emotions with words and It can be understood In any language. Words are weapons, which can be used to emotionally and mentally maim people, to ring pain so terrible, some people cannot imagine how to deal with it. As I’m sure the reader knows, hurtful words get turned over and over in ones mind, trying to figure out why it was said, why It hurt so bad. But sadly, thinking about it only prompts oneself to the pain and the feelings one has Just become more extensive, more complicated and more unbearable.

Yes, words can hurt, If you let them. Because It Is your mind and your thoughts, which make simple words bring you such agony. For example, when someone calls you fat or ugly, such simplistic words are able to cut pep, even if you know or think it is not true. For it to create pain in a person depends on the people themselves. If you believe something to be true about you and someone were to say a negative thing verifying your feelings, then it allows you to hurt yourself with the words spoken by another and thought of by yourself.

Words can hurt if you choose to let them; the answer is to control your mind and your self esteem to overcome whatever people throw at you. But Just as much, it can depend on the one who speaks those aching words. A loved one and a complete stranger hold different power In their words, and their impact on ones life. Also the ability to hurt your loved one Is much simpler and more painful than that of a person who is unfamiliar to you, simply because you care so much about them, and you know them better than anyone else.

If you were to hear someone say to you that they do not think that you are the smartest person they have ever seen, It could De more easily snugger TOT as cruelty, ratter than Tact. But let us say you hear those heart wrenching words from your very own mother, and you would begin to look at yourself and search for these flaws of which she speaks. The Ruth is, most would say that they trust the word of the ones they love, and if they were to say something hurtful, then it hurts worst because you trust that they are speaking the truth.

To have someone whom you love so much then validate your deepest and darkest thoughts about your character, rings true in your ears. That is why teasing is so common in most families to hurt one another and boost their own pride. All of these perspectives and details can sum up this argument. For some people, words are simply sticks and stones. The meaning of them is forgotten and they go wrought life without a single thought to any insults given to them. But others are not so luck in life and they break down when Judged.

Yes words can hurt, and it has been known since the dawn of language. As the famous saying goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. ” And that is the biggest hit to everyone that their words carry weight, especially on those who admire or look up to them. Often times what can make them so hurtful is how expressive they can be. You can tell someone exactly how you feel in a single breath. You can unleash your demons ND your pain and fear, to be understood completely by another. Something so expressive can be dangerous, and glorious.

Words are a gift to us that should not be contained or leashed. It is the very essence of human life to be able to show one’s feelings. So can words really hurt people? Yes. What is painful to us is not those words themselves, but the idea that what is said may in fact be true. What makes the deepest cut in us is those people who are saying it to you. Telling you what they do not like about you, and pouring out their rage and insecurities onto you. They are the cost expressive means of communication and can mirror any emotion or thought to the letter.

That is the beauty of words, and they should not be taken lightly. One must always think before they speak in order to appear unbiased and friendly, if you so choose to be perceived as such. Wars have started over even a terse conversation, sometimes between allies if words are not chosen carefully. History has showed us to take great thought and consideration when speaking to one another. That is the only way to make this world as peaceful as we possibly can, because it is a matter of fact that words can hurt people.