There are several details that can either kill you or keep you alive on the road. Paying attention to the driving speed limits that are posted on the sides of roads are important to follow. Having your car at top performance helps to keep you safe as well. There are many things you can do to keep you alive on the road. A simple thing such as using your indicators when switching lanes allows you to communicate with other drivers. Communication is very important since it lets others understand and see what you are intending to do.

Another important thing is to always do an inspection of your vehicle before driving. This allows you to see if anything is wrong and to catch the hazard before it has the chance to endanger your life while on the road. Doing an inspection of your care beforehand has the ability to save your life. Also, it is important to make sure your health is fine and stable before handling a vehicle. If you have taken any medicine that can get in the way of your driving skills, do not attempt to drive. If you are impaired in any way, shape, or form – do not drive.

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This is such a huge rule to follow because it too has a life changing ability. Although you may think you’re fine, you should not take the risk. If there is the slightest doubt in your mind, you should not let it go but rather seriously take it into consideration. Furthermore, keeping a clear but focused mind is also a very simple but important thing that can either kill you or keep you alive. If your mind is filled with distracting thoughts, you are more likely to end up in a collision. An unfocused mind is the ability to wander which leads to the driver not paying full attention to the road.

Also, if a person is stressed out and has many things running through their minds, it can bring up emotions that make driving difficult. A person can become aggravated and aggressive which are both not ideal while driving. Anger leads to aggressive driving, which in turn hikes up the chance of being in a collision. Not only does the driver have a bad mood but also he can rub this mood off onto other drivers with their non-courteous driving behaviour. So, it is important to keep emotions in check and stay focused while driving. What is road rage? What factors cause road rage?

What can you do to prevent it? Road rage is violent anger caused by stress or frustration while on the road. Drivers with road rage are inconsiderate, not courteous, and are not following traffic rules and regulations. Some factors that may lead to road rage include: •Tailgating •Not communicating with changing lanes (using indicators) •Using indicators late •Running through a red or yellow light at an intersection •Speeding •Excessive honking •Rude gestures •Cutting a driver off and suddenly decreasing speed •Incorrect parking (ex. Taking up two spots) •Weaving in and out of lanes Blocking the intersection If you do any of the above actions, this can bother others, which would cause them frustration and ultimately lead to road rage. If these other drivers act upon their frustration, you too may experience road rage. In order to prevent road rage, we can be safe and courteous drivers. Some things to do are: •Not tailgate •Properly communicate with drivers •Do not run through a yellow/red light •Do not speed •Do not honk unless necessary •Do not cut other drivers off •Park properly •Don’t block the intersection •Own up to your mistakes