What factors determine the demand for blades? How can demand be increased? Shaving habit, knowledge of shaving, % of men, % income, traditional way of shaving (making similar) Increase awareness of products, make shaving known (secluded areas), improve in advertising, educate people got shaving, 2. Prepare an income statement projection for Gillette Indonesia shaving products, similar to Exhibits 3 and 4 in the case. Be prepared to explain the logic of your projection.

Gross revenues from shaving products Less: Trade discounts Net revenues Less: Variable manufacturing costs 35% Variable selling costs (commissions) 2% Variable distribution costs 6% =Gross margin Less: Advertising Promotion and Merchandising 3% General sales/Adam. Costs Profit from operation The decrease in price will create new demand, so the 5% loss in profit from operations will be balanced with the new market of 20%, distributed by 10% of new consumers and 10% of market share. 3. How is Gillette doing In Indonesia?

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Growling slow – It Is In the Early stage and has a lot of potential to grow – recent aberration of foreign Investment, good growing balance of wealth population, has to product locally because of the regulations. 4. Given the Gillette experience does it make sense to talk about a global market? CISCO systems 1 . Describe some of the risks in new product development for high technology products. 2. What were the risks using Chinese contract manufacturing from the start? 3. What metrics and research could help Cisco contain its risks? 4. What role does the assessment of competitor moves play in Coco’s decision process?

Sophomore Direct 1 . Assuming she receives the additional funding, how should Bernstein allocate her budget across the various digital categories? Given that the additional funding requested must be shifted from Seaport’s marketing spending where would you propose to cut? Why? 2. What do you make of Seaport’s digital and social media efforts as of the fall of 2010? Was it wise in your opinion to create Beauty Talk as a separate social platform to Faceable? 3. What metrics do you propose Sophomore Direct use to measure the success of its digital efforts going forward? Squalid Quartz 1.

What is the value proposition to plumbers? To consumers? 2. Why is the Quartz shower not selling? 3. What does the Squalid experience say about product/market fit? What are major risks? 4. What should Rawlins do to generate sales momentum for the Quartz product? Should he target consumers directly? The DID market? Should he lower the price? 5. What is the Squalid lesson for strategies built around innovation? Mat. Men Brewing 1. What is Chris doing and what factors will he have to align to be successful? 2. What is distinctive about Mob’s customers and its product? 3. What is brand equity?

Explain in the context of MBA. 4. What has caused Mob’s decline in spite of its strong brand. 5. What are the pros and con’s for a MAC Light? Note: At least one additional question or prompt will be added during the course of the module an after experience with the previous cases. Hindustan Lever 1. What are the key features of Shasta? 2. What are the motives for the Shasta initiative? 3. How can Shasta make a contribution of HALL”s bottom line? 4. What is the economic value of Shasta? What is the social value? 5. What are the critical challenges facing HALL in making Shasta work?