Eleven experienced years of success both home and abroad. In North America they were successful as a typical’ convenience store selling gasoline, convenience items and their flagship ‘Big Gulps’ and ‘Slurped’. While there were many 7-Eleven stores in North America, the dispersion of stores was not dense like they were in Japan. As the economy worsened In the 1 ass’s and competition increased, due to more convenience stores and supermarkets with later hours, store location played an important role In the strategy that made Japan a success within the 7-Eleven company.

Furthering the success abroad was measuring and forecasting consumer’s needs. A need Like fresh food, which represented 40% of sales and had high profit margins, led to further success. Location and customer service are two Items that the North American outlets should have paid closer attention too in order to have followed in Japan’s footsteps. – What differences are there between the situations in Japan and the U. S. That might cake the Japanese 7-Eleven experience with prepared foods different from that of 7- Eleven in the U.

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S.? While it seems that Japanese would traditionally stay at home more often for dinner, they actually spend more money per capita on eating out than people in the United States. This is due in part to the unusually long work days and rigorous school schedules that lead to a need for ‘instant’ meals (Yates, 1990), in addition to the small size of their homes that make it more difficult to entertain. This fact would lend to smaller penetration of food sales in the United States compared to Japan.

Competition in Japan compared to the United States would be another factor that could impair sales of Fresh Food in the United States (as well as other goods). According to the case study (Bell and Hogan, 2004), in the… 2) What do you admire about the way in which Jim Keyes has tried to emulate the Japanese concept in the U. S.? In what ways do you think he may be missing the boat? 3) What marketing efforts should 7-Eleven U. S. Undertake to make the most of its new capabilities and vision? ) If 7-Eleven’s prepared food initiative is a huge success, what would the implications or other players be in the food system?