The protagonist of this case is  Jill Smart, the global head of human resources of ‘Accenture’, a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company offering services to the world’s leading corporations. Problematic : Jill Smart has to hire 2,000 management consultants in a year and in the same time to solve the issue of the lack of specialized labor in India for its company, with the aim to develop it quickly and also to face the hard competition for India’s technical, intellectual, and managerial talent in this domain.

Symptoms /Problems : – Many foreign firms which have been relocated in Asia, have allowed India to grow quickly thanks to the skilled work force of the west workers. – The activity of the company ‘Accenture’ was very difficult to start due to the lack of knowledge of the field of business activity, as an IT services provider, across the country. – Competition is tough in India, because there are many companies that offer the same services as the firm ‘Accenture’. Before 2001 : The recruitment process was not adapted. – “The issue is not the supply of talent, but identifying the right person at the right time at the right place at the right cost. ” – ‘’In part, the shortage stemmed from an HR curriculum in Indian business schools that focused on the role of HR in a manufacturing environment and did not give students enough training on the practices, issues, and challenges of HR in a services organization. ’’ Recommendations : Before 2001 : The global head of human resources, Jill Smart, had to revise its management of human resources policy and thus had to improve the strategy of recruiting qualified staff, in the way to be able to achieve the objectives sought by the headquarter. He also had to train employees to keep them profitable. – After 2001 : ————————————————- Jill Smart needs a masterplan to hire quality consultants in a short time. > Analysing financial history, she has to increase the pay in order to ensure motivation and decrease the number of employers that would be tired. Jill Smart needs a more efficient way to hire effective employees for Accenture . -> Jill Smart must provide internship opportunities for employees in countries of future clients. Jill Smart has to hire 2000 employees within a year. -> She needs to make her own strategy clearly and tell her team. More over communicate with team as much as she can. -> Create efficient recruiting methods

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