Also, as you requests, we will use your homemade cake as your wedding cake, and also arrange your best friend John takes charge of the party. The totally costs should be no more than &15,OHO with average $150 per guest. In addition, we do offer professional photographer to help you keep the best moment of your wedding for free!! Plus 10% off for your favorite vintage Volkswagen as your wedding car. In case your needs change, we will be glad to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services that will help you achieve your new goals.

Again, thank you for choosing Autumn Events. Sincerely, Service Manager Enclosure 2. Location of Event. Find the location for your event on the web and print out the page. Add a paragraph describing the venue. Then calculate the size room(s) you will need based upon your event. 10 points. 7511 Airfield Dir, N Chesterfield, VA 23237 King’s Corner Catering is one of the largest catering in Richmond, VA. The purpose of the catering is “Catering is a skill, an art. ” Once a company trades your work as a piece of art, you know you can expect more!

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In fact, the King’s Kronor Inc. Has been following their purpose for more 30 years! You can review all the glory history from their well organized and weapon. Introduction to the catering: “Catering is a skill, an art. King’s Corner has been catering to the Richmond, Virginia area since 1982. King’s Corner Is well known for its catering business, not Just In the local community, but also with well renowned people, Including:” 3. Description of theme (Including d©cord, color scheme, props, etc. ). Discuss how you plan to decorate, center pieces, etc.

You may select linen, flatware, glassware, and china and table decorations from the ‘OFF wed or Trot a magazine. 20 points I en theme AT ten waling Is: Dreams AT ten Forest. (Mainly like a outdoor wedding “In dreams, forests can seem magical, daunting, ascetics, sacred, dangerous, or phallic. Forests exist in a dream context as something to be Dream Dictionary). The key colors for this theme is green, white, blue… Everything about forest. Followings are some example designs for your wedding theme: a. Main theme.