Kids watching pornography Kids and Porn Kids are constantly being bombarded with sexual sights and sounds against their own will. Sexuality steals children like a thief In the night and throws them into a twisted world beyond their natural maturity. Magazines, advertisements, T. V. And the Internet throw sex In the faces of the youngest and most Innocent of children.

As confusion and curiosity linger Inside of these young minds, children feel tempted to discover and learn more about tempestuous world of sex. For most children, the Internet has been the easiest way to research any questions about sex. While reading Is very boring, porn seems to be the best and easiest answer. While parents are doing what they can to prevent the negative effects of porn on their children, there Is soul a problem. Little do these children know, looking at porn Is robbing them of their childhood and causing many negative effects.

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One effect of kids looking at porn is that it can cause them to become sexually active at a young age. Kids are having sex at younger and younger ages as the years pass and it semesters is little to do to stop it. The information that kids are storing into their heads are being converted into actions and behaviors. Some kids are unsafe and practice unprotected sex. An ultimate effect of this is the growing percentage rate of sexually transmitted diseases. It is estimated that more than half of all people will at some point contract a sexually transmitted disease in their life (SST Info. . The more sexual information that creeps into the minds of the youth, the more they feel the urge to act upon what they see. Another effect of kids looking adaptor is their misconception about what sex really is. Sex is meant to be between two people who love each other. Porn, however,can demonstrate multiple partners at once performing sexual acts. This can counseling minds to think that it is normal to have many partners. Boys may think that they are more of a man by having many girls.

Girls may be under the impression that they will only be accepted if they submit to frequent sex and stay sexually attractive for a man’s approval. Porn blinds children from what sex should be and leads them into a world where there is absolutely no emotional connection between people during sex. Porn can also demonstrate warped scenarios which bestiality or violent rape’s performed. Watching hard-core warped scenarios at an early age can result in a child thinking that unusual or Illegal acts are actually normal.

An immediate effect of watching unusual sexual acts being depicted can traumatized a child. A third effect on kids watching porn Is that their minds can become swamped with bad thoughts. Children may start to look at people In different ways then they should, seeing people as sex creatures rather then human beings. Children’s minds can become so consumed by the desire to see and know more about sex that addictions can develop. Constant thoughts of sex can distract a kid and Interfere with the ability to perform schoolwork or other responsibilities.

It has been proven that porn can actually drive kids to develop social disorders because of the twisted thoughts it puts into their minds at an immature age (Sweden Child). Wendell parents are aware AT ten many negative erects AT porn, some are still not along enough to prevent their children from watching it. Hard-core porn is usually always cheaply and readily available to almost anyone at any time which should not be possible. School and library computers are programmed to block most pornographic ibises but kids are still always finding ways around this.

Parents and teachers need to become more involved and educate children on what sex really is. Parents need to have higher protection systems on computers at home and keep a better eye on their children. Parents need to shield their children from the evil effects of porn which creeps its way into the most unexpected homes and destroys children. This growing epidemic of kids watching porn needs to stop and there needs to be a change for the alarming availability for porn. Children should be able to grow innocent minded, free from the many negative effects that porn could cause.