The names of the flee dragons are Thee Baptists ,Peter Jones, Deborah Madden, Hilary Dived, Duncan Beneath. 2. In what Industry has each one become successful in Hillary Dived: logistics. Duncan: Hotels and health clubs. Peter Jones: Founded a tennis academy and he has a computer business. Deborah: runs a multi-million pound family holiday business. Thee Pallets: majority of his fortune in the retail sector. 3. In your opinion select an entrepreneur you thought gave a poor presentation.

Also mention 3 things they could have done to Improve their chances of achieving the money required. (small paragraph) The first entrepreneur who was called Nora was the most one who gave a poor presentation. She came to ask the dragons to invest 50,000 pound in return for 20%. She came to offer a product to solve the problem of women finding it hard to put eyeliners by offering flick tips with different styles that can be suck at the end of the eye as she thought It was the perfect Idea for women to get the perfect flick tip.

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The problem with Norm’s product was that she sold t with a very expensive price that wont even attract the costumers to buying it as each was for 6. 99 dollars . A second disadvantage of the product is that It could only be used once and the stick on It goes and It can be only reused by putting a suck on it again which is a disadvantage to the product. Another problem with Norm’s product was that if it becomes unfashionable her product will be gone and will no longer get money. A last problem of her product was that she didn’t have a range of products along with the eyeliner flick tips so If one falls the other could hold It up.

As she had only a one short-term product, that the Dragon’s refused to invest their money afraid they wont get it back. The first thing Nora could have done to improve her chances of achieving was to lower the price of selling the product so it could easily appear to the costumer. Secondly, she could have also made her product used more than once without having to put anything on it, so she could attract the costumer. Thirdly, she could have made more than one product along with the eyeliner flick tips so if it fails, her other products could hold her business up and prevent it from failing.

Lastly, Nora could have made her product something that will never be out of fashion and will be always used. 4. In your opinion who was the most successful entrepreneur? Describe 3 attributes they had that showed the Dragon’s they were 1 OFF professional, Intelligent Ana competent Disbursements. (small paragraph) most successful entrepreneur were Carols and Arise who came with the business of bike advertising. As they made a new idea from computers advertising to bike wheels. They came to ask the dragons for an investment of 90,000 pounds in return or all% share.

The first main reason why they were successful was because they were ready and they tested the product on the roads and they attracted the people from everywhere with cameras and the people were amazed with their product and didn’t believe it, which is the most important thing to do in order for the product to be successful which is by attracting the costumers to the product which is what they succeeded in doing. Secondly, they are completely ready and they have the license that allows them to use the product.

Their product was considered by the dragons to be very professional and creative and they had everything ready. Thirdly, they are professional in doing this product as one of them has a master degree in electronics, they have everything planned for their business for what they’ll do every year and he also has a PhD in engineering. Lastly, their product is successful as no one else has the idea or the same technology in the marker As it is a hard product to do that requires many work any they do it themselves which is the reason why they are successful.

They were considered very successful that they convinced all the dragons. 5. Think of a product not on the market that you think would successful. Give 3 reasons for this. (small paragraph) A product not on the market that would be successful is a hair cream that when put on the hair can make it extremely straight for five days. A first reason why the product will be successful is that it will be offered with a cheap price that appeals to the costumers. Secondly it is something that every girl dreams of and will attract the costumers especially to the women and girls.

The product will be offered along will a lot of other hair products so if one fails the other could hold the business up. Thirdly, it is some thing that will always be in use by women and will never run out of use. As this is something that a women needs in her daily life to make her look good, which is the dream of everyone to be appealing and look good, which is something that will never change and women will be always wanting to look good and appealing and therefore the product will never be out of use or fashion and will always be used and wont fail.