Chapter # 1 introduction (2 pages)

1.1 Definitions:

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Following are the definitions of Big Data, Big Data
challenges, Data Analytics and Data Analytical Tools.

Big Data

Extremely large and complex data sets that may
be analyzed computationally to disclose patterns, trends, and associations,
especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

Big Data Challenges

Big data
challenges include storing and analyzing large, rapidly growing, diverse data
stores, then deciding precisely how to best handle that data.

Data Analytics

Data analysis is method of computing over a large dataset. The
process involves breaking data up into smaller pieces, scheduling each piece on
a separate machine, reshuffling the data based on the intermediate results, and
then calculating and assembling the final outcome.

Data Analytics Tools


1.2 Problem Statement

This research is descriptive in nature, we explore the
relationship between two variables Big Data Challenges and Big Data Analysis
towards Big Data-based Management System in different companies in Lahore
Punjab Pakistan. Firstly, we will see if there is any relationship exist
between Big Data Challenges and Big Data Analytics. Secondly, we will examine
the impact of independent variable which is Big Data Challenges on Big Data
Analysis which is dependent variable. We will also examine the significance of
demographic variables on Big Data Challenges and Big Data Analysis.

1.3 Significance of the study

There is not much research that has been done on Big Data
and impact of Big data challenges in Big Data Analytics in Pakistan. There is
not enough work has been done in the literature on these variables related to
Big Data-based industry, although researches have been done in literature which
are done in foreign countries. In foreign literature there are some researches
done on big data with different variables like challenges and opportunities
with Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Big Data application and tools.

All the businesses in the world cannot be functional without
a common entity which is “Data”, this makes the data most important for all
organizations. The Study basically reveals that how the latest technologies
like Big Data can be a best step to the perfection of desirable revenue or
outcome. The study will help the organizations to choose the best available
technology platform for achieving their strategic goals. In this study, Big
Data has been examined with different dimensions like Value, velocity, variety,
value and complexity.