Chapter 1


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problem on Earth is that it is getting overpopulated. The humans are stripping
the world of its natural look for creating space for Homo sapiens to survive.
With the current growth in population, scientists have estimated that we may
lose all lead by 2025, oil, petroleum, and natural gas resources by 2040, and
coal by 2127.We have eaten most of the natural resources within 200 years of
obtaining them. We are also chopping off trees, to make furniture, make space
for villas, or for agricultural purposes. There is also a nuclear arms race
amongst the developed nations which by test-firing is also causing earthquakes,
tsunamis, and an increase in the global temperature to list a few of the major
catastrophic problems that lie ahead of us. When compared to 1970, almost 12%
of the world’s forests have disappeared. The quantity of Carbon Dioxide on
Earth is rising so heavily, that researchers have set a goal not to allow the
worldwide temperature rise by above 2oC than the current
temperature. Not only are the Humans affected by this, up to 350 different
species of animals, birds, and plants are being affected. Fear of instability
leads to instability. The only answer we give birth is to colonize space, and
two other planets by 2050.Therefore, a demand for an alternate Earth/settlement
is being pioneered by NASA. This contest that NASA is holding is an astonishing
means of bringing out the creativity and illusion in the young blooming minds
of the school and college scholars. I thank NASA for giving us the chance to
prove our talent and creativity to the world by initiating this program.




        The solid reason for this project is for
the convenience of mankind to be joyfully and in peace in space. This is because
of the ever-growing Earth population. To resolve this problem, a space colony
will come forth to pull through the spirits of many. Project X will be built around Mars. The Five Elements of life,
that is, Air, Water, Land, Fire, and Sky will be furnished. Thither are many
hindrances to building a space settlement, but we can subdue them at the same time.
The animation in the settlement will be equivalent to the life on Earth, except
it will be subsisted in a cleaner and artificial environment. There will be a
governing body, to protect the law and order in the community.




        Behind this amazing
project, there must be some people who helped out. In this section, I am especially thanking those people. The people who
helped me out are

Mr. Prashanth. R

Mr. Vishwanath. G

Mr. Dilip

Mr. H. N. Thippesh Swamy

Eshan Shaikh

Shashank Shekar


        These are the
professors and friends who have helped me on the journey to doing an amazing





        The space
colony has been named as ‘Project X’
because this is the first project that has been seen using the elementary
particles, the X Bosons. There was also a huge confusion in naming the project.
In the terms of Algebra, ‘X’ is an unknown, since there was no knowing in what
the project would be named, so the
project became ‘Project X’.