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                “It always seems imposible until it’s done”
(Mandela, nd.). A women greatest gift here on Earth, is having her own child. A
child who she call her own and a child calling her, his or her mother.
Moreover, the more a women get older the harder and the risky it gets to get
pregnant. Infertility as defined by Merriam Dictionary, Infertility means it is
not capable of reproducing or unable to produce children.

                Menken (1985) pointed out that “Many
later magazine and newspaper articles reported the sad stories of women, often
high-powered career women, who postponed childbearing until they thought
themselves ready successful in bedroom than they had been in the boardroom” (p.469).
Incontrast, not every single lady are not infertile or fruitless. Some once in
a while get pregnant, yet at the same time, still blessful to have one.

                The purpose of this study is to identify
whether a women who is 40 and above is still capable of childbearing. Moreover,
age is the most essential factor influencing a lady’s opportunty to imagine and
have a solid youngster. As ladies aged, their ripeness decreases. A lady’s
richness begins to decrease in her mid 30’s, with the decay accelerating after
35. At 40 a lady just has a 5 percent possibility of getting to be noticeably
preganant in any moment. Universally, In U.K a British, 59 years old lady
brought forth live kid. Mrs. Dawn Brooke, a British, 59 years old women, gave
birth without the aid of fertility treatment (Former, nd). Therefore, she got
pregnant naturally. Mrs. Brooke and her signifinicant other chose or maintained
a strategic distance from attention of his child’s introduction to the world 10
years back (the year this article was distributed) and points of interest have
just developed after some of their family stood up. In Northamton UK, a 48 year
old lady, Susan DeVere was charmed to get herself pregnant out of the blue,
(    ). At first she imagine that is a
side effects of menopause however, later on she discovered to be pregnant.