The homeless man asked her son If he was going to eat him leftovers and her son gladly handed him the food. There was a time where she TLD give money and her son asked her why she didn’t. To her there are time that are okay to give money and there is times that are not the right time to give or situations. She started to pick and choose who she wanted to give money to, she was being judgmental of who she thought deserved the money and who did not because of the ay they looked. From a very young age I was always on the verge of being homeless because of my mom’s drug and alcohol addiction.

When I was seven years old I did become homeless when she got arrested and I did not have any family around to help me, so I ended up in a foster home. I was not there for long but it was hard, I was so young I did not know why I was there or what was going to happen. To be with all these young kids that were also homeless I did not feel so bad but we were where grateful for the people that where there to take care of us. I was not there for that long until my grandparents came to get me. I was so thankful that they came to get me.

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I moved Into an old peoples community and did not have any one my owe age to play with. My grandparents moved out of there and into a community were there where kids my age. After living with them for about two year they sent me to Virginia with a family with a family that we had only known for about six months. My grandparents thought It would be a good place for me to go since she was a English tutor and could intention helping me with my reading and writing. When I moved to Virginia I was excited, I loved this family and they had a son that was my age, and we got along great.

Everything was going good at first, until I started school and began to fail. I stopped asking them for help because I was tired of being spanked and hit but when I did not ask I got into more trouble. The only reason they took me with them was because my grandparents paid them. I only ended up living with them for six months and It was the worst time of my live. I was so stressed I lost a lot of hair and for a nine year old to be that stress was not good. Living with those people In Valhalla has had the worst effect on me.

It has made me struggle with trusting people ever since, and it has made it hard for me to have relationships. Also, I am afraid to open up to people. Ended up moving back with my grandparents and being happy again with my friends and getting help in school. It was almost like me starting from square one with school and everything. I had to have a tutor to help me keep up with my grade level. For my grandparents being so old it was hard for them to take care of me Ana Keep up Walt me always wanting to ay something Ana Dealing so active. Was twelve they thought it would be a really good experience for me to move to Australia. I lived there with my aunt and uncle and two of my cousins. My aunt was also a English tutor and helped me with school. It was important to my grandparents that there was someone there to help me. I lived there for two years and went to private schools out there. Once again the only reason they took me into their home as because my grandparents paid them and once they wanted to travel I had to come back to America.

When I found out I had to come back I was so sad and it was so hard to leave and family and all the friends I had made. When I found out I had got to pick where I came back to I was so excited because I new I wanted to come to California and live with my God parents. They where always so much fun and I we always went and did fun things when I came to visit and I thought it would be the same when I moved in with them, I was wrong. It was fun for a bit but then I realized

I had to go to school and do homework and it did not turn out to be what I thought. They where one family that also told me they have always wanted me and they wanted me because they loved me and not because of the money, well that only last about a year until that’s all they wanted. After they stopped getting money they did not want me any more and kicked me out with me having no where to go and sleeping on the floor at a friends house and then not being able to pay rent a went to a friends house and lived in there laundry room.

We got kicked out of that place and I eve on friends couches and lived at my work in the show room on the floor because my God parents would let me stay with them. If it wasn’t for my grandparents doing what they thought was right for me I would have been homeless when I was younger. Growing up and with these situations I have experienced charity first hand. With the economy we currently are going through has left many people without homes or Jobs and we should conclude that any of us could be the next “person like that”. Anyone could be one paycheck away or one ticket away from being that person.

My aunt always says “but by the grace of God there go l” which is saying I’m thankful I am not a person like that. Most people are one paycheck away from disaster or homelessness. In this essay when she says a “people like that” she is talking about the homeless guy who was wearing dirty clothing and had unhealthy skin but who is to Judge him he could be Just like the other homeless guy she gave money to Just dirtier. When she did not give that homeless person the money because of the way he looked has effected her son in how he will give to homeless people in the future.