Child Era by Zach LambBill Denbrough was building a paper ship for his brother Georgie to go out and sail while he was sick and in bed. He managed to complete the ship, after Georgie received glue from the basement. Georgie takes the ship and goes out and sails the ship, however he loses control as the ship floats into a drainage pipe. Georgie is devastated when he loses the ship in the drain. Georgie is surprised, however when a clown appears in the drainage pipe introducing himself as Pennywise the Clown. Pennywise offers Georgie the boat back, and Georgie hesitates remembering his father words to not trust strangers. However, he finally gives in wanting the boat, but is attacked by Pennywise, and attempts to escape. He is unable to escape, and has his arm ripped off. His body is shortly found because of his screams. Bill is devastated by his brother’s death and his parents inability to cope doesn’t help the situation. Bill first encounters It when he visits the house on Neibolt Street with Eddie, and gets chased by the clown.Ben Hanscom is an overweight kid who is going to school in Derry. Ben has developed a crush on a girl in his class named Beverly. On the final day of school before break, Ben goes to school and during a test, a bully named Henry Bowers, threatens him, so that Ben will give him the answers to the test. Ben, who is feeling a bit brave and thinks he can keep away from Henry for the rest of the break, decides to refuse. After refusing, he runs out of the classroom and heads to the library after saying hello to his crush for the first time. He decides to send a haiku to Beverly anonymously and creates it and sends it. After finally sending it, he is ambushed by Henry Bowers and his gang. Henry, who is not happy with Ben’s action, has his lackeys hold down Ben as he attempts to carve his name into Ben’s stomach. His attempt fails, as his lackeys are scared by what he is doing and are no longer holding Ben. Ben manages to hurt Henry and get away. Ben first encounters It in a park and It shows itself to Ben as a mummy. Ben, who is terrified of It, runs away and escapes. Eddie Kaspbrak is best friends with Bill Denbrough and has an extremely overprotective mother who is fearful for him. She often creates fake conditions for her son, trying to convince others that he is sick, so that she can actively control his life. He is embarrassed by his mother in front of his classmates when she is talking to the coach trying to convince him that Eddie has asthma, despite the doctor saying he is fine. One day, Eddie is in the Barrens with Bill trying to create a dam, and the Bowers group is looking for Ben after Henry’s half-failed attempt to carve his name into Ben’s stomach. The Bower’s group decides to instead pick on Eddie and Bill destroying their newly created dam. Upsetting Eddie who then decides to bad mouth the group and they kick Eddie. Eddie then has a bad asthma attack due to being kicked and needs help when he finds his inhaler is empty. Needing his inhaler really badly, Bill tries to stay with him and decide what to do. Ben who decides the Bowers group is gone, stumbles out and sees the two. Bill who notices him, asks him for help and he complies staying with Eddie while Bill goes to get the inhaler refilled at a pharmacy. Bill comes back, with a refilled inhaler, which relieves Eddie. After the experience, Eddie, Ben, and Bill talk for a while bonding, and getting to know Ben. They become good friends. Eddie first encounters It, when he is near 29th Neibolt Street and is magnetized to the house. Suddenly a hobo comes out from under the porch yelling at Eddie and he runs away.   Richie Tozier is a young wisecracking friend to Eddie and Bill. They hang out regularly, and Richie has a variety of voices. After meeting Ben, he becomes good friends with Ben. He creates the dam with Bill, Ben, Stan, and Eddie. He has many voices and impersonations that his friends say he can’t do well. His dream is to become the next famous ventriloquist and plans to take his many voices on the road. All his friends, however, know that when he does his ventriloquism his, mouth moves a lot and none of his friends have that high of hopes for his future as a ventriloquist. After building the dam and being scolded by an Irish man, he takes on a new accent he calls the Irish Police Officer. Beverly Marsh is a young girl in the same class as Ben Hanscom. She is one day near a movie theatre and Richie Tozier notices her. He offers to pay for her tickets into the movie and Ben who hadn’t expected this decides to go into the movies as well even though the Bowers group had entered to show off to Beverly, They enter the movie and watch for a good while until the Bowers group notices them. They decide to get out of their before they get chased and run out with the Bower’s group on their tail. They’re able to use what’s at their disposal to get away from the group and successfully escape. Beverly is introduced to the rest of the group becoming the 6th in the friend group. She experiences It while her bathroom. It takes the voices of dead children and speaks to Beverly, mentioning how Georgie says hello to Bill. Beverly is terrified when blood comes out of her faucet and splatters everywhere in the bathroom.Stan Uris is a Jewish kid who is friends with Richie, Bill, and Eddie. He eventually accepts the trio of Beverly, Ben, and Mike into the friend group. Stan is picked on by others because of him being Jewish and helps Ben, Bill, Richie, and Eddie build the dam. Stan’s favorite hobby is observing birds and recording them into his bird watching book. One day while in a park looking for a cardinal he goes down into stairs after finding loud bang and finding the lock broken on the ground. When he is about to leave, he hears carnival music and enters the stairway. However soon things take a turn for the worst when he hears someone coming for him. He quickly heads for the door however it will no longer budge. He begins to say bird names which slow It down and finally managed to get the door open escaping. Mike Hanlon is a young black child who is the son to Will Hanlon. Will has a feud with Henry Bower’s crazy father who kills young Mike’s chickens. Henry Bowers hates Mike the most because of his father’s feud with Mike’s dad. While walking to the church where he goes to school Mike is ambushed by Henry and his gang. Mike is able to run away and is saved by the Loser’s Club who quickly become friends with Mike creating the full Loser’s Club and marking the last person to join the Loser’s Club. Days after the events of the rock fight with Henry Bower’s gang, the Loser’s Club decides to build a treehouse in the Barrens and Ben counters that they should instead build a clubhouse in the soft ground, to create a place this is hidden from others. After a while, Mike Hanlon shows the Loser Club’s members a picture album with the It in it as his Pennywise form. After a few photos, one of the photos begins to move similar to how Georgie’s picture moved in front of Bill. After Ben proposes to the group that they to an Indian ritual and Bill decides this is a good idea. All of the Loser’s Club stay in the smoke until they can’t stand it any longer. Mike and Richie stay in the longest and both see a vision in which It comes from the sky in a spaceship to earth. Bill believes that the Loser’s Club should do try and investigate and find a way to kill It. Bills believes that a silver bullet will be able to kill It but doesn’t know how to create it, instead of creating silver bullets however, asking Ben for help they create slugs to use in a slingshot. Beverly afterwords is chosen as the one to use the slingshot as she is the best at using it. After some time, the Loser’s Club goes back to the house on Neibolt Street to confront it and It attacks Ben, however, Beverly hits it managing to hurt it, making it flee. After months of not knowing when or how to confront It, the Loser’s Club is once again attacked by Henry Bowers. Deciding that now is the time, the Loser’s Club enters the sewers of Derry once again trying to kill It. Once entering Bill recalls a ritual by the name of the Ritual of Chud in which the aggravator bites the tongue of the shape-shifting creature. Bill does this to It, but in a mental form and shows his fearlessness instead of telling jokes which deeply injures It. It retreats the back of its lair, with the rest of the club believing it dead. After exiting the sewers of Derry, the group makes a blood oath to return to Derry should the killing resume. Adult Era by Zach LambBill Denbrough is now a world renown author who is helping direct the adaptation of one of his novels when he is called by Mike Hanlon talking of the blood oath and that It is resuming its killing. Bill is now terrified as he was not able to recall a single thing about his past for the longest time and is terrified by the fact that he did not even think about his brother Georgie for over 20 years. He confides his fears in his wife, Audra Phillips, who worries where he is going and when he will be back.Ben Hanscom is now a much slimmer and handsome man. He has become a great worldwide known architect who recently created the BBC Communications Center building and received great fame worldwide as an architect. He is now scared for his life when he receives a call from Mike Hanlon who reminds him of the blood oath. He enters a bar that is a regular bar for him and tells the bar owner of some of his story. He gives the bar owner some of his silver dollars for the bar owner’s kids and departs for Derry. With a worried bar owner watching him.Eddie Kaspbrak is now a very successful limousine driver in New York where the competition is fierce. Eddie has now married to Myra Kaspbrak who he worries he only married for her similar looks and weight to his mother. Myra is forced to stay home and take care of the limousine business while Eddie returns back to Derry. She begs Eddie to stay, but he took a blood oath, and while what going back to Derry scares Eddie, this is something he must do. He departs leaving the business to Myra. He still retains his asthma from his childhood and keeps an inhaler.Richie Tozier is now a famous DJ know as Rich “Records” Tozier. He previously had a girlfriend who received a job offer in Washington and was forced to leave, with Tozier pursuing his dreams in Beverly Hills he leaves his girlfriend Sandy and is living his dreams out. He is frightened however by a call from an old friend by the name of Mike Hanlon, which reminds him of a blood oath he made 27 years prior. He must now cancel a talk show interview that is very important to his career and instead returns to Derry to deal with the new returning It. Beverly Marsh is now a successful designer whose business is guided by her husband Tom. Her relationship is however two-sided as Tom regularly hurts her should she do anything he “taught” her not too, such as smoking in his presence. Their relationship takes a turn for the worst when Mike Hanlon calls her reminding her of the blood oath they made 27 years ago and she begins to pack up in the middle of the night waking up Tom, who is now outraged. As he goes to the kitchen and grabs a beer, he returns upstairs to see Beverly smoking. He is now enraged and begins to try and hit Beverly with a belt to “teach” her a lesson. Beverly is beaten multiple times but manages to escape after hitting Tom and declaring their relationship was over. She then travels to stay at her friend’s house before returning to Derry.Stan Uris is married to a plain young lady, they began to try and have babies but nothing appears to be working. Stan is worried, but his worries fade as his work turns out for the better, turning him into a hard-working rich broker. One night he receives a call from Mike Hanlon reminding him of the blood oath and telling him of Pennywise’s resume of child murders. Stan who is now terrified notifies his wife he is going to take a bath. To his wife’s horror, however she finds him dead in the tub with his wrists slit and “It” written in blood. Mike Hanlon is now a librarian in Derry, living a simple life. He became the head librarian after the passing of the former librarian when she had a stroke in her 50s. Mike Hanlon is scared when child murders begin to happen again. He decides to contact the Loser’s Club again after 27 years when more murders happen. He contacts each and every one of the Loser’s Club’s members never losing his memory of their childhood, despite the “amnesia” of the rest of the group. He prepares a get together for the entire group and contacts everyone. Each and every one of the group shows up, with the exception of Stan Uris. Mike Hanlon explains the child murders to the group and also how Stan had unfortunately committed suicide. They prepare a plan for each of them to go out alone and re-experience Derry for the first time in 27 years. When they are prepared to leave, the waitress brings them all fortune cookies which all have grotesque things in them that everyone in the group has been thinking about. For Eddie, it is a cricket-type creature. For Ben, his own fortune cookie grows claws. Beverly’s cookie sprays blood. Bill’s births a fly type creature. While Richie’s cookie contains an eye which is looking at him. Now terrified the group is forced to pretend everything is alright when a waitress comes in and they are forced to act like nothing is happening when a waitress comes in and is unable to see the horrifying fortune cookie things. After the lunch incident, Ben visits the old Derry Library, in which he sees Pennywise, who takes the form of an odd form of Dracula. Eddie visits a field where all the kids used to play when he was a child when there he is almost killed by a corpse of someone from his past. Richie walks downtown to Bassey park and is nearly killed by a statue of Paul Bunyan. Beverly returns to her old apartment only to find It in the form of an old woman. Bill walks around Derry, only to find Silver being sold in a second-hand store. After all of their antics around Derry, the club members return to the Derry Library, everybody begins to share things they have begun to remember about their childhood in Derry. Mike brings up the Loser’s Club defending him, and letting him join their friend group. After telling their stories, Mike tells everyone to go to bed, knowing they will have to face It once again, soon, however, while cleaning the library Mike is attacked by Henry Bowers, and wounded but manages to also wound Henry. After attacked Mike, Bowers enters the hotel where the group is staying and attacks Eddie, however, Eddie fights back, stabbing Henry in the stomach. Eddie then tells Bill, that they must immediately head to confront It. Once the group enters the sewers, Bill realizes that It has kidnapped his wife and becomes upset but once again starts the Ritual of Chud. Realizing, however, that Bill is not strong enough Eddie, and Richie began to attack it as well, with Eddie spraying it with his aspirator but his arm getting bitten off. It once again retreats, but Bill and Richie refuse to let it get away this time following it deeper into the sewers, seeing that It has laid eggs, Bill and Richie kill the eggs, then Bill and Richie attack it, with Bill managing to hit Its heart killing it. After everything is finally done, all of the group lose their memories, with Mike, Richie, Beverly, and Eddie returning home and Bill staying in Derry to take care of his wife, who is now in a coma due to seeing It. Bill decides to take his wife on a ride on Silver and this awakes her to Bill’s surprise.