However, it should be worth enough to mention that they should spend considerable amount of time for their games and game related activities during their free time. I will explain below to support my answer. First of all, children are the future of every country. It Is very Important to guide them carefully as soon as they start to learn in either a play school or a kinder garden. A lot of parents nowadays cannot properly guide since both of parents work or they are busy with this modern world.

A person who takes cares of these children must give equal guide lines in education as well as game activities. They should be trained physically and mentally fit. For Instance, nowadays some children are forced to study even their leisure time but this put them In a tremendous pressure upon their fragile minds. Second of all, since children are vulnerable, they always tend to play rather than studying. Therefore, control, handle and gulled them properly Is a must. For Instance, our neighbor Is having ten years old boy and he always plays computer games soon after his arrival to home.

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He Is neither properly monitored nor controlled. He lives his day time with his grandmother but she cannot control him. It Is sad to mention that his parents usually arrive at home late at night. So unfortunately they cannot monitor their child since they are very tired and at that time the child Is about to sleep or as sleep. Finally, In my opinion, children must balance their studies and game actively properly. Therefore, to achieve this, they must be given a proper direction and guidance. They are the future of any country.