High Expectations
support students as they develop the literacy appropriate to their ages and abilities.
Cultural sensitivity-reshaped curriculum
mediated for culturally valued knowledge connect with standards based curriculum as well as individual students’ backgrounds
Active teaching methods
involve students in a variety of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing behaviors throughout the lesson plan
Groups and pairs
completeing assignments individually, but usually in small groups or pairs with the same time to share ideas and think critically about the work.

Positive relations with families and communities
will demonstrate clear connections with student families and communities in terms of curriculum content and relationships
They occur in all genres
Multicultural and international literature
Multicultural literature
is defined in various ways within the educational community
Multicultural literature is narrowly defined as
Literature about groups in this country that have been overshadowed and to various degrees disregarded by the dominant Euro-American culture
Examples of multicultural literature
racial, religious, and language groups
Childrens multicultural literature
addresses contemporary issues of race, religion, poverty, living with exceptionalities, and sexual orientation from the perspective of members of those groups.
Evaluation and selection of multicultuaral literature should involve
Authentic depiction of the cultural experience, Accuracy of cultural details in text and illustrations, positive images of minority characters, balance between historic and contemporary views of groups
Coretta Scott King Award
this award founded in 1969 is the annual award given to the African-American author and illustrator whose books published in the proceeding year are judged to be most outstanding inspirational and educational literature for children.
Pura Belpre Award
This award founded in 1996 honors oustanding Latino Authors and illustrators of children’s books
mainstream and booktalk
So that students dont continue to chose books about characters like themselves
Helen Bannerman
The Black Sambo
Hugh Lofting
The Voyages of Dr Dolittle
Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
the first Caldecott Medal-winning book to have an African American as the protagonist
Arnold Adalay
Not Really Black
There is still a shortage of multicultural literature
even though the last several decades have seen a positive change in status
African American
of all the multicultural groups living in the United States this group has produced the largest and most rapidly growing childrens literature. Every genre is represented especially poetry.

Asian American Literature
is represented by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean because these groups have lived as microculutres longer than Vietnamese.
Latino Authors
Even though they make up more than 13 percent of the population and are the fastest growing population very few childrens books are published by
Write books about Puerto Ricans and Mexican Americans
Alma Flor Ada, George Anconda, Lulu Delacre, and Gary Soto
From the Native American Prospective
oppression by the white population is a pervasive theme. Appreciation, celebration, and protection of nature
The children’s literature that is by far the largest produced by the nonmainstream religious cultures in this country
Bilingual Books
which are those having text in two languages, are appealing in the United States with greater frequency each year
Children in ESOL/ELL programs and teachers of these programs
Bilingual books are helpful for
International Literature
in the United States refers to those books originally written and published in countries other than the United States for children of those other countries and then published in this country
Translated books
a fluent style that retains some flavor of the country of origin
Much of the childrens literature that was available during 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th century came from
Other countries have become overshadowed
With the rapid growth in the US childrens book field in the twentieth century
Australia, Great Britian, and Canada
Most international childrens books in the United States come from these English Speaking countries
Western Europe
The largest number of translated books come from Western Europe