concentrated expression of ideas and feelings
How was poetry originally presented
Poetry is…
especially suitable literary form for teachers to read aloud.
Tales of Mother Goose
These verses are now part of children’s literary heritage
nursery ryhmes
to what are allusions made everyday to characters and situations, and knowledge of this literature is a mark of being culturally literate
Specialized Poetry Books
are all by one poet, on one topic, for one age group, or of one poetic form
Single narrative poems of medium length
are presented more frequently in picture book format
students whose teachers love poetry
select it wisely, read it aloud well, and share it often and in many enjoyable ways will come to appreciate poetry.
NCTE Award National Council of Teachers of English
Award is given to a poet for the entire body of writing for children ages 3-13 and is now given every three years.
obvious didactic intent
Poems of a moral and religious bent were shared for
Golden Age of Poetry
period from the middle of the nineteenth century through the 1920s
children prefer narritive poems
to lyric poems
children find figurative language
Edward Lear
“A Book of Nonsense”
Robert Lewis Stevenson
“A Childs Garden of Verses”
Nancy Willard
“A Visit to William Blakes House” also Coldecott Honor.
Paul Fleischman
“A Joyful Noise: Poems for two voices” Newberry Medal
Lyric Poetry
captures a moment, a feeling, or a scene and is descriptive in nature.
narrative poetry
tells a story or includes a sequence of events.
poetic form
refers to the way the poem is structured or put together
students of all ages
Poetry is enjoyable
Poetry should be introduced first and often to children in
oral form
Choral poetry
consists of interpreting and saying a poem together as a group activity