Historical Fiction
realistic fictionset in a time remote enough from the present to be considered history. Set before 1970.
Most common form of historical fiction
the main characters of the story are imaginary, but some secondary characters may be actual historical figures.
the second type of historical fiction
the past is described complete with the social traditions, customs, morals, and values of the period but with no mention of an actual historical event nor actual historical figures as characters.
The third type of historical fiction
one in which elements of fantasy are found, and therefore the story does not qualify as historical fiction.
Historical fiction must
present historical facts with as much accuracy and objectivity as books of history
details that provide an accurate setting
hair and clothing styles, home architecture and furnishings, foods and food preparation, and modes of transportation
The Scott Odell Award
established in 1982 by the author Scott Odell, honors what is judged to be the most outstanding work of children’s historical fiction published in the previous year.
Between 1932 and 1943
the first eight books of the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder were published
some cultural groups in an extremely negative light
Some older historical fiction novels have been criticized for portraying
Many Minority Authors
have written a number of excellent works based on the early experiences of their cultural groups in North America
Children have an opportunity to live vicariously the lives of people from long ago-people from different cultures and different parts of the world.
Many fine works of historical fiction for children can now be found where