The chocolate touch is about a boy who loves chocolate. One day while up in his room, and reading a magazine, he finds a news article about getting some sort of special chocolate. When the chocolate comes in the mail, the boy takes it up to his room and begins to eat it. He later finds out that the chocolate he has Just ate has given him the ability to turn everything he touches into chocolate. At first, the boy is ecstatic about his new gift.

This plays into the concept of the youth always trying to rebel, and not listen to their warnings. In the story the boy must end up learning the lesson the hard way. After his dream becomes his worst nightmare, the boy wishes he would have listened to all he was told. This story’s moral is be careful what you wish for, because it might come true. Also to appreciate what you have, because you wont understand how valuable it is until its gone.

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But after turning his mom into chocolate, he regrets ever eating the chocolate. He is sad and wishes he would have listened to his mother when she would tell him not to eat chocolate. As the story progresses, he goes on kind of an adventure to find a way to turn his chocolate touch back to normal. The tears from the boys mother help set him back to normal. The story ends with it all being a dream and with the boy back on his bed, taking his disgusting medicine.