When I made the decision to go back to school I thought that would be the hardest decision. I wasn’t old by any means – just thirty-two; but I felt like I was a lifetime away from college. The last time I was there I was a kid. Now I was a wife and a mother with a job and many responsibilities; I couldn’t even relate to the girl who was there the first time. I’m not unlike a lot of people who find that they don’t finish college – my reasons are no more extraordinary than anyone else’s reasons. But now, at this later time in my life, I found that it was all I could think about and that I wanted more than anything to return to school.

What really propelled me into making the decision was the fact that I knew what was out there. I didn’t have to go back to campus and I wouldn’t have to choose school or my job. With the world of online education open to me I could easily pursue my degree without having to completely and totally change my lifestyle. I set about looking at everything and determining what would be the best program for me and that’s where I was really stumped. I had always thought that it would be an online business degree program that I would enroll in but there was so many from which to choose. The online IT degree program was enticing to me because of my love of computers and the fact that this would be a career that would only grow in time. I didn’t know what to do. But it was a happy feeling because of all the opportunity that was available to me.

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In the end I decided to pursue an online IT degree but then get an online MBA after I get my bachelor’s degree. I thought this was the perfect way to get everything I wanted and in this day and age I could do just that.