Christmas shopping can be a stressful experience but if you follow these simple steps, you can easily pick up the perfect gift stress free. Christmas shopping in December is a sure fire way to be stressed. The packed parking lot full of elderly people who can’t drive and the mile long line ups at the tills is not a good way to spend the holidays. The first step is to by all of your gifts In November. This way Instead of being in a line up you can be at home drinking eggnog. If you are reading his and It’s already December Its not too late.

You can always get gift certificates and make the person who you are buying for go through Boxing Day hell. Hay better them than you. Next what to buy? This Is easier than you think. The more money you spend the more the person will appreciate It. You can buy almost anything Just as long as you have the money to do so. If your short on funds you can always buy stuff hot. This requires you to go to your friendly neighborhood rip off artists. All you eave to do Is tell them what you want and they will get It for you.

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At about one third, the original cost it’s a great bargain. If you have a conscience, you can get around this to. If you have anything worth a lot of money just box it up and give it away. Also do you have anything that you got last year for Christmas and don’t use? Just box up and give that crap away. If you’re a known Indian giver, chances are that you won’t get anything good for Christmas. If you are an Indian giver, you have to cover that fact up. Cover your tracts and keep the original boxes.

This way it will look like new and know one will even think that it’s second hand. The next step is to wrap the box. This is easy to; in most malls, there is free gift-wrapping. If you bought your gift in November, all you have to do is bring your gift the mall in December and pretend that you just bought it and they’ll wrap it for you. You don’t have to buy any wrapping paper or spend hours wrapping. Next, the cash in. The better the gifts you give away the better the gifts you will receive.