Chunk no. 1

respect the sovereignty of others and they should respect our sovereignty and
independence. This campaign must come to an end,” he told MPs.       

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The Prime Misister had
adderssed this part of speech to the parliament of Pakistan. In his first chunk
his mainly focus was on “sovereignity”. He had uses this word  twice time in the first sentence. In the
first he is showing freedom, democracy and other’s country respect and the
other word depict that he is demanding and asking the same value and regards
from other countries.

This specific expression of
his discourse has a more prominent because it implies free from any sort of
limitations and restrictions but we r independent. Pakistan is a sovereign and
freed nation appeared in August 14, 1947 having a strong protection for self .
It not just accepts the freedom of different nations bu t in addition requests
a similar regard for itself. If any individual who assaults in Pakistan’s zones
with no consent and agreement then it implies that specific component isn’t
conceding the opportunity and freedom of Pakistan. We should support the
freedom of each one. Pakistan is additionally having a Nuclear power. If  we discuss an atomic power of pakistan, the Prime
Minister who had assumed a focal part in making this nation a nuclear power
amid his previous decision span. Pakistan is likewise a quiet nation and favors
peace constantly. Pakistan has never utilized its war resources against any
nation’s power with no solid reason all through the history.

So all in all expression, we
can accept that Pakistan is quiet and autonomous nation and favors a similar
regard and flexibility for others so it requests a finish of this demise


Chunk no. 2

 London: “Drone
attacks violate the sovereignty of Pakistan and that the issue will be raised
during his visit to the United States” (Dawn News reported)    




Here in these lines,
“violate” is paying attension in the speech of Prime Minister.
Violation implies that, one nation is so proficient and powerful  and having no value for her for others
countries which are beyond the limits. Violation is basically not acceptable
and unsuitable for everybody. Pakistan is competent to guard its self. Pakistan
exist geographically on the map of world. Security powers (navy, army, air
force)  are deployed across the all boundaries
of Pakistan which demonstrates Pakistan’s predominance. Drone targets innocent
individuals, which is against on the Pakistan’s concept of sovereignty. As
universally recognized that Drones are planted by USA thus, Prime Minister said
that drones attack issue would be raised amid his gathering with American
President. America, who is considered super power , plans these
unmanned aerial vehicle  (Drons) on terrorism . Here an inquiry emerges that why this issue
would be raised amid US visit? The appropriate response that there attack is
legal and lawful and following by the UN charter as indicated by US reports. So
these hits could be connected with the procedures of US against terrorist.


Chunk no. 3

“All institutions are supporting me in the best
interest of the country,” Mr Sharif said. (DAWN 22 Oct)



Pakistan’s all political
parties nearly have same view point about unmanned aerial
vehicle   Pakistan Army is vital Pakistani force who
supports  government from the earlier
years of previous government. All others Political parties are in the favor
of  Prime Minister’s perspectives. All governments
in the province have support in the issues regards to the sovereignty of
pakistan. All political parties of Pakistan are against to the UAV. So all
organizations including his own gathering is supporting head Prime Minister to
the greatest advantage of Pakistan.


Point of view of PTI:

   One of the developing significant gatherings
of Pakistan “PTI” likewise has raised its voice against UAV. Indeed,
they blocked the NATO supply in order to stop and prevent KPK from Drones
attack in addition they  moved walks
against UAV. Dr Shireen Mazarin of PTI had inquired as to whether there isn’t
any agreement amongst Pakistan and USA, then why government is so slow and not
taking any action against the UAV. Dr Shireen Mazarin and some other members were
raised against to the UAV. Yet, after the visit of PM to US, there is some
adjustment in their perspectives as the automaton strikes has likewise lessoned.


PPP and PML (Q) on drones:

Two parties party, (PPP) and
PML-Q who have not taken the hard step against  the drones attack however they are additionally
at a similar stage with the present government. (PPP) has ruled for a long time
however they have not raised this difficult issue with genuine intensions.
Before Pakistan people’s party PPP, PML (Q) has additionally put in over five
years in government, but they also did not take any serious action. But now
both parties are supporting to the present government in the matter of unmanned aerial vehicle’s war.


MQM views on drones:

The MQM boss said
information, facts couldn’t be covered up in the present global world . Altaf
Hussain asked about the capacity of those who are against the drone and they
unable to capture an outfitted man in Islamabad.

Altaf Hussain said we can
only protect our country if we are talking about truths before camera. All
people in the Country must know about the true and authentic information about
the issues of Pakistan. We ought to likewise take in a lesson from past.

more he said and includes all
political parties ought to accept their misknow and they should not  hide  issues of pakistan.  We can say that he is supporting the present


Chunk no. 4

“Drone attacks must stop. We
have protested many a time. This is simply unacceptable,”( DAWN, June 9,



this fourth chunk the mainly focus on the two words “must stop” and
finally “unsuitable”. Based on these two expressions, it could be
accepted that now conditions are completely changed in light of the fact that
past government was not all that much concern about this issue and now all
people in the country are so much acute about this issue. Another supposition
is that now with the advancements in the technology, people of Pakistan
especially and entire world for the most part is much mindful about truth and
figures of this issue. They have protest against the drones attack issue
because these things were unbearable.

Chunk no. 5

1.      “Government
of Pakistan strongly condemns the drone strikes which are a violation of
Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.(DAWN)



Again they are talking about
the violation of crossing the limits of Pakistan. There are two violation
behind these objective killings. Initial one as said over that infringement of
west boundries of Pakistan. At that point there is additionally infringement of
regional territories. Despite the fact that these strikes help US, yet these
are hurtful and even dangerous for natives of those territories who have no
conflict even with US. They meet to confront these strikes with no reason. They
even lose their families, love o ones in these strikes. So the uprightness of
these regional regions is more vital. That is the reason government is against
those attacks.


US official’s views about
Drone attack:

US authorities are not
associated with the terrorism in Pakistan. CIA boss portrayed that US isn’t
crossing the limit of Pakistan they are focusing on the terrorist and
extremist. As indicated by US, we are not disregarding any rules and regulation
but rather these assult are admissible under worldwide law and US laws.
“United Nation  Board” said
that each nation has a privilege to guard itself against any danger with
respect to power of state.


The Report of Amnesty
international about drones:

The reportes of the
“amnesty international” have unveiled that unmanned aerial
vehicle  strikes are against the
worldwide law and abusing the Pakistan’s sovereignty. They have focused on that
Obama’s rank must rethink the arrangement and planning of unmanned aerial
vehicle   in which an impeccable number
people have being executed. The reporte of the “amnesty
international” have also  said that
on September 2, 2012, the motor vehicle in which 12 innocent people had died
due to drone attack. So US are disregarding the universal laws. A Pakistani
scientist had additionally reveal the reality that US is pointing the finger at
Pakistan and its insight organizations for allowing drone attack yet he has
discovered no strong and genuine proof against Pakistan in which these strikes
were said to be admissible.




Each one of those issues in
this analysis are some fundamental issues that are analysed in this in this
research. on the other hand, this exploration has been done to discover
realities behind the Prime Minister speech. This is a reality that ‘no
examination/analysis is completely right or correct “unfold everything
about one matter” (Fairclough, 2003:202).  American said that these drones are useful for
killing terrorist and admissible by Pakistan. On the opposite side, each
government took step against the issue of drone attack. However,  this issue is seen in clear terms by the
present government it would be evident that amid the rule of present
government, an awesome pressure has been laid on this issue. In the light of
this  investigation, we can expect that
the drone attack would diminish after at some point. if the present government
take a serious action against this issue with India and USA, then these all
issues can be settled for future. Also the problem of terrorism is the important
issue in pakistan we can settle this problem through strict hands against them.




This research is totally fair
and unbaised, the issue about the drone attack is the major issue and also have
a attension by everyone. Especially the matter of unmanned aerial vehicle is
highlighted in all speech again and again. This issue is not so old but rather
this issue has turned into the most vital issue in the Pakistan. In all over
the Pakistan, all nation and government, raised this issue and a few initiation
try to stop these attacks because they are not just crossing in the limits of
Pakistan but also cause to kill the innocent people of our country.  A 2012 survey by the “Pew Research
Centre’s Global Attitude project” explore that 97% Pakistani individuals
consider unmanned aerial vehicle attacks are dangerous.  we can say that these drones attack are not
likely by the majority of Pakistani people. Prime Minister Nawaz Shrief has
cleared that these attacks are against the will and freedom of Pakistan and
they should stop their policy.