The cardiovascular system consists of?
heart, blood and blood vessels
What is 55% of the total blood volume?
There are 5 liters of ________ in the body?
Red blood cells have __________ discs?
Hemoglobin carries ______?
Formation of RBCs?
There are 2.4 million _________ produced per second
red blood cells
It takes 20 seconds for ___________ to circulate
red blood cells
__________ has a 120 day life cycle?
red blood cells
What are the two types of white blood cells?
granulocytes and agranulocytes
granulocytes consist of?
neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils
agranulocytes consist of?
lymphocytes and monocytes
Neutrophil description?
small phagocytes, digest small bacteria, up to 3 day life span
Neutrophil description?
small phagocytes, digest small bacteria, up to 3 day life span
basophils description
produces histamine and heparin, life span of up to 3 days
eosinophil description
small amount of phagocytosis, allergic reactions, 10-12 day life span
Lymphocytes description
immune system response, live for days or years
monocytes description
large phagocytes, digest large bacteria and viruses, live for months
platelets AKA
platelets description?
blood clotting, 7-10 day life cycle
What are the layers of the arteries?
tunica externa, tunica media and tunica interna
What is the largest artery?
What is the smallest artery?
arteries carry blood __________
away from the heart
arteries carry blood __________
away from the heart
Artery movement is from?
cardiac contractions
Vein layers are?
tunica externa, tunica media, tunica interna
Largest vein(s) is (are)?
superior and inferior vena cava
Smallest veins are?
When not in use veins _______
Veins carry blood _________
to the heart
Vein movement is from _______
skeletal muscles or gravity
Where do tissues get blood supply
capillaries are located where __________
arteries end, veins begin
Circulation of blood?
aorta->arteries->arterioles-> capillaries ->venules->veins-> vena cava
systemic circulation of blood ?
heart to organs and back
pulmonary circulation of blood?
heart to lungs and back