I have chosen this street because it is very unique in that it is centered on the race course that sits to he top of the road, providing an on-going purpose for the businesses through the years. Ascot Race course opened In 1711 and has since grown to become a worldly renowned event one a year known as “Royal Ascot” attended by the royal family It attracts some 300,000 people in one week. This has a massive impact on the businesses that are situated along the high street itself.

This has also made Ascot a prime location for an affluent community who also see and use the high street as the heart of the community itself. Local hospital for not just ascot but the surrounding areas that created Jobs but has down sized greatly over the years and no longer offers primary care. Railway station that provides the main lawful of visitors to the racecourse Itself as well as a mall route to London making It an Ideal location for mainly high flying business people.

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Celebrities and royals living there due to it’s reputation. The race course underwent reconstruction recently to bring it up to date with the needs of the present day and now has an impressive stadium that can incorporate Its visitors far better. The new structure has spilled into the street itself or example a bridge has been added for people to cross during heavy periods when previously the traffic flow had to be manned by police and stopped continually for safety.

This Is an example of repairing on the street during he times when It becomes congested. There is also a crossing situated in the middle of the high street offering an almost central location to get from one side to the other. There is also a roundabout just before entering the main section of the street which has the shops located, almost as a deterrent to slow the traffic from impending pedestrians and the shards they bring.

In comparison to City Rd, the high street Is much shorter but needs of the community are much the same, the high street has many of the same things including cafe’s, takeaways a pub, nightclub, garage and supermarket all providing everyday needs but in many ways you can see that the needs of the more wealthy are catered for, an example of this are high end boutiques and coffee shops. As you go through the high street you can also see evidence of other shops that have been there for some time installing tradition and stability which seems to bring a ensue that the old community Is still there, these Include the chemist, newsagents and butchers.

Creating order In the street that Invisible could be seen from the bridge and the crossing as well as the high presence of police and car park attendants during race meetings the heavier human presence gives reassurance to the visitors that the event is organizes and in turn a sense of safety. During times when no race meeting is on the normal flow of traffic is controlled by mini roundabouts at either end going into the main stream of shops to slow the traffic own.

Unlike clay road ten n gnat II e In Ascot when no meetings are on Is slightly more subdued unlike during race meetings when the whole street has a buzz and extremely busy. The race course itself now has the capabilities to hold more events and therefore attract more business for the street itself. When looking at the day to day running of the street away from the race course it is apparent that many of the local community use the facilities, it still holds the remnants of an old town with the main old shops. People take for granted