Some effects of segregation
-Seperate educational facilities and resources for white and African American students -Seperate public facilities(e.g. restrooms, drinking fountains, restaurants)-Social isolation of races
What supreme court case stated that segregation was okay if it was “separate but equal”?
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)
What supreme court case ordered the desegregation of schools?
Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
What were some of the major methods used by the Civil Rights Movement?
-Organized Protests -Freedom Riders- Sit-ins -Marches
Who desegregated the armed forces?
President Harry S. Truman
Which leader refused to give up her seat on a bus for a white passenger and was arrested and fined for it?
Rosa Parks
What did the community do afterward to protest the arrest of Rosa Parks?
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Who believed equality for African Americans could be achieved through vocational (job) training?
Booker T.


Who supported full and immediate social, civil and political rights for African Americans?
W.E.B DuBois
Which organization was founded in 1909 and expanded during the Civil Rights Movement to improve social and political rights for African Americans?
Which leader supported passive resistance and gave the famous “I have a dream…” speech?
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Which group of African American students was protected by the National Guard when they attended a previously white-only school?
Little Rock Nine
What is the name given for the group of protesters who rode Greyhound buses all through the South to protest segregated travel?
Freedom Riders
A group of college students in Greensboro, NC participated in what type of nonviolent protest when they wanted to desegregate the lunch counter of Woolworth’s store?
The famous “I have a dream…” speech was given at which event?
The March on Washington
What law abolished poll taxes and literacy taxes in order to improve voter equality?
Voting Rights Act of 1965
What law restricted segregation of restaurants, hotels and other public facilities?
Civil Rights Act of 1964
What disadvantages did women have in post-World War II society?
-Discrimination in hiring practices-Lower wages than men for doing the same job-Unequal opportunities in athletics and scholarships
Which organization was created to fight for equal rights for women in the workplace?
What proposed Amendment failed to ratified but focused on equal opportunities in employment and created a wider range of options and advancement for women?
Equal Rights Amendment
What was created to get equal opportunities in athletics for women?
Title IX
Henry Louis Gates
African American history
Martha Graham
Ansel Adams
Ray Kroc
Franchising (McDonald’s)
Charles Drew
Medicine (blood plasma)
Sam Walton
retailing (Wal-Mart & Sam’s Club)
William Durant
Bill Gates
Computer technology (Microsoft)

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Robert Oppenheimer

Physics (Manhattan project)
Shockley, Barden, Brattain
computer chip
Maya Angelou
Frank Lloyd Wright
Name SEVEN industries benefiting from new technologies
*Airline industry (jet engine)*Automobile industry and interstate highway system*Entertainment and news Media industries *Exploration of space*Computer industry*Satellite systems, telecommunications *Internet
Impact of new technologies on American life
*increased domestic and international travel for business and pleasure *Greater Access to news and other information*Cheaper and more convenient means of communication *Greater access to heating and air-conditioning improved the quality of life and encouraged population growth in certain areas of the country*Decreased regional variation resulting from nationwide access to the same entertainment and information provided by national television and radio programing, internet services, and computer games.
Describes the increasing interconnection of the U.S.

with other countries around the world, linking of nations through trade, information, technologies, and communication. It involves the integration of different countries.

What affects people both in the U.

S. and in other countries.

American foreign policy, immigration policies, energy policies and environmental policies
What happened between the end of WWII and the present?
The world has been marked by an increase in globalization and interdependence.

impact of globalization on American life
1. improvement of communications (e.g. travel, telecommunications, internet)2.Availability of a wide variety of foreign-made goods and services3.

outsourcing of industrial and service jobs to other countries

Foreign Policy
1.Increase in terrorist activities 2.Conflicts in the Middle East3.Changing relationships with other countries nations (more openness with former communist countries and growing economic strength of Asian countries such as india and china
1. changing immigration patterns (Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans)2.

More people wanting to immigrate to the U.S. than are allowed by law

Global Environment
1. Policies to protect the environment 2. Global climate change3. Conservation of water and other natural resources
Other issues

Energy issues (dependence on foreign oil)2. World health issues (global pandemics: examples- bird flu, swine flu, etc.)