College of John Cena
Beal College hometown
Small Claremont, California, math, science, and

engineering college with a dirty name

University Bill Gates enrolled in
CSI major
A major in the study of ground water
Massachusetts christian college (Begins with G)
Primary major at COA
Bill for food at college
College of former US President Franklin Pierce
13. Scholarships based on talent
Small NY college with strong ceramics program
City where you would find UNLV [
What audiology majors help with
City of the University of Pennsylvania
Thomas College mascot
Home state of UCLA
State of the Sooners
City where you would find UCSD?
Focus of MMI, part of UTI
Undergraduate university of Bill Clinton
College major to study the stars
University of JFK
Popular Walla Walla, WA college Batman

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attended, begins with a W

Home state of the Fashion Institute of


State of Rice University
City of Worcester Polytechnic Institute
College major to study snakes
Home state of Tufts University
Primary major at Cosmotech
Pennsylvania Catholic university that begins

with V

College of John Mayer
Country of the University of Copenhagen
All women’s college next to Amherst, begins

with S

UNE location
Strong psychology and geography at this

Worcester, MA university

1. Home state of Gettysburg College
Popular Saratoga Springs college with strong art

and business, not to do in winter driving

College major to learn to help people recover

from an injury

Home state of Duke University
Country of Moscow University
College major to study structures sized between

1 and 100 nanometers

University of Lady Gaga
Last Maine college in the alphabet (abbr.)
UC-Santa Cruz mascot
Small Northern New York engineering university

(Begins with C)

20. Louisiana university, begins with T
Home state of the University of Puget Sound
Where Barack Obama began college
24. Goal of a petroleum engineering major
26. ______________ & Marshall College, PA

29. College major for designing the inside of homes,

restaurants, hotels, and businesses

University of Adam Sandler
University of Adam Sandler [NYU]

32. University of former Senator Olympia Snowe

Town where you find KVCC
Eastman School of _______
College major to study ancient ruins and


RISD focus
Country of Beijing University of Technology
College of Ronald Reagan
41. College of Ronald Reagan [EUREKA]

A good major to learn to write for magazines

Duke mascot
A college major to design buildings
College where of Gov. LePage earned his

master’s degree

37. What forensics majors solve
University of Texas mascot [
Boston communications and drama college
31. Smart major for a Rite Aid worker
The one state with no University of the State
College major in the study of chickens
College major for a librarian
College admissions conversation
Province of Dalhousie University
Stephen King University
Hometown of Tom Brady’s university
College of George Mitchell
College of Hillary Clinton
College with strong meteorology program in


10. The Landing School builds these
7. Hometown of CMCC [AUBURN]

The state where you would find Purdue

Hometown of CMCC
5. Least you may pay for college
One of the five Claremont Colleges, begins with


3. Webb Institute is best known for this type of


River by Boston University
College major to study the weather
Common test required for college admissions
Home state of Providence College
University of ______ Sound, WA
Maine college that begins with B
UMFK mascot
6. Home state of Boston University
Home state of CalTech [
Home state of the University of San Francisco
Home state of Thomas College
Primary major at Carnegie Mellon University


The state where you would find BYU
Country of the University of Toronto
UMPI mascot
UMF mascot
25. State of Stanford
State with the most Ivy League colleges


Ithaca NY Ivy League university
Mascot of UMO
City of the University of Utah
Home state of the University of Richmond
Home state of KVCC
MIT is best known for this major
Home state of the University of Rochester


Country of the University of Oslo
Province of Dalhousie University
Home state of the University of Scranton


Home state of the University of Tampa