Acquiring competitive firms/franchises Rapid growth Threats Some competitors use environmentally friendly operating techniques and chemicals Finding Boston real estate was extremely difficult, so growth there would be slower than anticipated. Quality of service and efficient operations. Highly experienced, less volume, more efficient and high quality dry cleaning companies Recommendations The company has so many strengths that do not need correction even though one of their strengths is actually a concern to the executives. The issue is high volume. High volume is one of the things that will help Soot make a lot of profit but it is causing some problems, particularly in operating.

The problem of messing up clothes and misplacing them is caused by having such a high volume of cleaning coming into Soot on a 24 hour basis. Karakas said that Soot needs to balance the operating challenges with the imperative for growth. I agree with this but it is important that Soot continues expanding across the country while at the same time improving the operating challenges. But, the company should not stifle growth in order to improve this challenge. It should keep pumping out stores across the nation.

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This weakness of high volume challenges is not going to hurt Soot in the long run because of their money back guarantee for damaged goods which will create customer loyalty. Soot has so many strengths and opportunities with so few insignificant weaknesses and threats that even if Soot continues to expand across the country it will still continue to out-perform its competition and gain market share over them. For example, one of the threats they face is certain companies use environmentally friendly operating techniques and chemicals.

Soot does not need to copy this approach because research has shown that most customers do not care about safer dry cleaning practices. This was one of their biggest threats and it is so minor that it will not hurt them. I give the credit to the leadership and the concepts they created. These strengths are seen through its enormous number of strengths, especially customer convenience, which is at the core of their business success.