How will I keep my marble to stay in the foam tracks? My goal Is to keep my marble in the foam tubes and make the marble go to one end to another under 10 seconds. Background Information: Gravity keeps an object down. When an object speeds up there is more momentum that makes it travel longer. An object speeds up by the gravity pulling the marble down. Hypothesis: If I drop a marble from 9 feet going through foam tubes then it will not fall out because I made all the tube facing upward using gravity force. Independent variable: the size of the experiment

Dependent variable: the time the marble went from start to finish. Control: the foam tubes the base. Materials: 7 pieces of foam track Blues tape to hold the track together Stop watch 1 stool and 1 chair Paper and a pencil to record data Small marble String to measure the roller coaster A measuring stick Procedure: Choose a spot in the room for the track Gather materials Create a track Measure the distance Time the marbles speed In seconds Delve the length by the seconds Sketch a drawing of the coaster Data: On separate piece of paper Data Analysis

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