COLLECT RESOURCES FOR SOCIAL WORKSIdeas are useless if they are not carried out. For an idea to become a project and be sustainable in the long term, it must have a clear strategy. A recommendation before looking to raise money for your project would be “design a business model”. If you have already defined your project, now is the time to raise money to promote it or make it a reality.Fundraising goes beyond school activities or for recreational purposes, these resource-seeking activities can cover wider spaces at the social level.There are charitable institutions such as homes, orphanages, rehabilitation institutions, schools and even hospitals, which often do not receive funds financed by the state, which results in the need for social and charitable works subsidized by fundraising.One of the best known and updated is the Telethon or Telemaratón, which is a televised charity event, which usually lasts several hours, in which various artistic and entertainment presentations are made in different countries in order to raise funds. for children and people with disabilities.Many banking institutions, along with social organizations, also carry out what is known as “Bingo of goodness”. That as the “Telethon” is a televised event with much publicity, involving figures of the artistic and public, with the objective of raising funds. This event is like a lottery or bingo, where cards are printed with numbers, to make it more attractive, prizes are offered, ranging from sums of money to cars.Social networks have also evolved in the face of this phenomenon. For some years, raising funds for projects or ventures has undergone a significant evolution. Thanks to the Internet, fundraising has evolved so brilliantly that it is now consumers and users who support the initiatives and invest funds to make these ideas a reality.There are several sites that allow entrepreneurs to create online fundraising campaigns and get help from strangers around the world who may feel identified with your project. In this article, we will introduce you to 3 of the most popular collective project financing sites.Among these are:Kickstarter: He is one of the pioneers in crowdfunding. Since its creation in 2009, it has helped more than 6 million people to consolidate their ideas by raising funds. There we can find everything from movies to technological developments of all kinds.What is Crowdfunding?Crowdfunding in Indiegogo allows people to gather around the ideas that matter to them, and together they make those ideas come alive. Whether you’re looking for the latest in technology, helping in an important cause, you can find something that inspires you in Indiegogo. Crowdfunding generates exciting opportunities for both sponsors and entrepreneurs, but there are some basic facts that all sponsors should know.IndiegogoIndiegogo It is another of the most popular sites on the subject, its peculiarity is that it is quite flexible, an open and accessible option for campaigns around the world in which anyone can raise money for projects.It is important to understand that endorsing a campaign and claiming a benefit is not the same as buying an item online. On the other hand, supporting an idea of ??crowdfunding in a platform like Indiegogo means that it is helping a project, idea or cause of work in progress. We want our community to dream big, so we do not have criteria for what kind of project can become an Indiegogo.RocketHubIt is a collective collection platform that includes projects from diverse areas such as art, science, business, social projects, among others.Our members are people with brilliant ideas and clear solutions, who defy the norm, help each other, constantly improve, exchange knowledge, innovate and want to grow for themselves and their businesses. The result is a community of highly motivated people who offer each other the network and the premium tools they need to succeed. Interested in discovering more about the benefits of RocketHub?Sources information