Harrison and Almost used exploratory and explanatory writing in their essays, which showed us readers, the techniques of what great writers use and being able to apply these techniques to our own writings can improve our skills. Back in grade school is where it all started, where I had the knowledge of a basic five-paragraph essay. Many of the essays I was given were timed essays, basically giving you twenty to thirty minutes to really state your point. Unexpected essays were difficult and nerve wrecking at times but most of the time I managed to put myself together and rite to the best of my ability with any time Limit given.

After taking the time to read and analyze Maxine Harrison, “What Happens When People Write? ,” and Anne Almost, “Shiite First Drafts,” I was able to identify some similarities my writing processes to their view point of how good writers write. The difference between any prompt did not change the way I approached my writing. The first thing l, and almost everyone, do is read over the prompt very carefully so I can create a clear understanding of what I am considering to write. Highlighting is one important job to do, which brings UT the main ideas to ensure that I incorporate them in my writing.

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Annotating is another good method for you to be sure to address main points and quotations from a reading. Harrison explains that, “Successful writers make plans before they start to write but they keep their plans flexible, subject to Thinking ahead about what you are going to write Is also very helpful. Having a strategy Is an advantage for you to be sure you stay on topic and are not writing about random things. Having a guide is very useful along the way. After I get a clear thought of what

I’m going to write I tend took down some things that I think will be significant in my writings. As Almost explains that the first draft is a children’s draft, where you write down anything without having to fear of anyone going to read it. I like to think of writing as a bike ride. I usually try not to acknowledge that my first draft will need editing because when I’m done I will always have the chance to go over it as many times as I need. When I’m done with my first draft I find It very useful to converse with my peers about my writing to see if it needs any adjustments.

I also strongly believe In two brains being better than one because taking the time to talk to someone might raise Ides that have not been thought of. Harrison states that, “successful writers work constantly at observing what goes on around them and have a system Tort gathering Ana storing material. “(Halverson) 10 me writing can De a at times because of the fact that I sometimes can not find the right words to express what I am trying to say. One strategy I find very effective is taking the time to step away from your writing and coming back to it later that day.

Just like Harrison explained that good writers procrastinate but know Just how long they are able to do so in order to avoid disasters. Being able to refresh your mind when coming back to your writing can expand your ideas to add and improve your writing. Having deadlines allows me to manage the time I have in order to complete and organize my writing. A process in writing doesn’t have to follow a specific order nor does it have to be done a certain way. Strategies and techniques that a person uses are those that allow you to write great papers. There are no rules on how an essay should be written.