Common Application Title Rarely can a person, and I mean any person for that matter, feel completely comfortable in their surroundings. In fact, studies have shown how humans can put on a “mask,” for different social aspects of their lives (I. E. Work, school, and home). Even the people who are around you can change your mood or effect how comfortable you are in a given situation.

However, when you ask me or another errors, “Where are you most comfortable,” instantly our minds drift off into a daydream state, longing to be where we are consequently, most comfortable. I can honestly say that my most comfortable place may not be a physical location; instead it is more of an idea. I envision a beautiful landscape, perhaps a sandy beach with the sun at the perfect position Just above the water out on the horizon, or a bright green meadow full of color, as far as the eye can see.

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The people that I hold most ear are there with me, and as we cook steak and chicken on an open fire, the love between us all becomes lifelike, almost visual. Perhaps, many people will feel the same way and find the same values I believe to be true, but many will not. It is important for me to feel close to my family, and solely being with them puts my mind at ease, something easier said than done for a majority of people, students or not.

The immense Importance of knowing where you are completely content Is something hat should not be overlooked by anyone. Defining what and where It Is to yourself can help several aspects of your life, guiding and directing many choices. How, you ask? Knowing that you will be content when you get home from work to your dog, or seeing your parents during a school break can help you make decisions to secure these pleasures. Truly, our values are behind many of our Important decisions; for me, It Is simply rounding up the troops and finding the closest beach.