I have improved my outlining skills, critical thinking skills, and my public speaking apprehension. These improvements are for the most part what I wanted to improve on and talked about In my ICP paper earlier this semester. It Sis good reflection on how practice in an area can improve your skills in just a short amount of time. The first goal I improved on was my critical thinking skills. In my ICP paper, I talked about how understanding the facts are simple, but being able to interpret the Importance of each fact Is very key when creating a speech.

I wanted to understand he grey areas In my own communicating to help me convey my message and understand the grey areas in others communicating skills to give better feedback. By listening to myself practice speeches and listen to others giving their speeches helped me to think more about the message that is being sent. This also connects to one of my other goals, which was to Improve my research skills. A crucial part In finding the right information is knowing how to research and how to analyze your sources using your critical thinking skills to interpret the author’s message.

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I saw my Improvement in this area by looking at my speech materials from my informative speech. By bettering my skills In these two areas I was able to build upon them to create a stronger foundation for my other goals. My next goal I hoped to improve on was my outlining and organizational skills. I never knew exactly what my outline needed to consist of in order for someone to follow It, so I used to guess and hope It was right.

After going through the chapter’s in the course book I was able to understand more clearly the step by step process that is needed to be done in order for an outline to complete. Instead of trying to write my outline with a lot of information in front of me trying to decide the order to put it In or what to Include, now I was able to see an example. This helped me organize my information, which in turn made it easier for me to make note cards of what I wanted to say and in what order. I also learned that order is important.

By putting your points in a certain order you are able to make them flow better with transitions help. Putting your mall point at the end will keep the anticipation building In your audience annul you make your final stand clear. I saw my improvement in this area by looking at how I set up my information in my outline from my ICP paper, my informative speech, and persuasive group speech. Each outline grew stronger and stronger as I became more familiar with the formatting and how to present my Information.

By completing the first two tasks with more ease, it prepared me to conquer one of my biggest goals. Public speaking has always made me nervous since I first had to speak in front of a group AT people. I Nils Is winy It was one AT my mall goals to get over tens semester. Before going up for a speech in a class I get a very anxious feeling. Vive always been very confident in what I have to say and saying it, but as for preparing a speech about a random topic and presenting it to a class was a whole different story.

In my ICP paper, I talked about how one of the main problems that I thought had to do with my public speaking apprehension was the lack of preparedness. Most speeches I am too nervous to even think about so I Just tell myself that I am going to wing it. Being in a communications class brought on a whole new level of communication. This class was solely focuses on giving speeches, meaning being prepared was a must. By owing through and correcting old habits with my first two goals, it made me better prepared to present my speech.

I chose topics that I felt more confident talking about and ones I knew I could find solid research to back up my ideas. I also spent time rehearsing my speech, which I had never much of before. For my informative speech, I let my roommate listen to me to talk about my rate, tone, diction, and more. For the group speech, my group and I met several times to practice the flow of our material altogether to see how it would all fit together so each of us were fully prepared for when to talk. After doing several speeches in this class I feel much more confident in giving speeches aloud.

I feel I will always have a big of nerves, as most people do, but in time they will keep working themselves out the more practice I get. Most of my goals this semester were completed to a point where I wished they would be. Although there is always room for improvement and no one is perfect, I now feel more confident in each of the areas I was nervous about at the beginning of the year. My goals stayed the same for a majority of the time but I learned a lot more about the other aspects of speaking that need to be paid attention to as well when repairing a speech in front of an audience.

As I look back on my time spent in this class, overall I feel very successful in obtaining some of the skills I wished to such as improving my critical thinking and research skills, outlining and organizational skills, and public speaking apprehension. Just because people may be more afraid of public speaking than death doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to conquer it. I first hand know now what it feels like to get over a fear that many people have and am proof that putting yourself out there and going for something even when your scared is possible.