It is also important for there to be communication going on with the family ND also other staff to ensure everyone knows and understands the service users needs. This may mean that group discussions will be happening so being able to communicate in a group and not Just one to one with the service user. There are four main types of communication which are: Written communication Oral communication Computerized communication Special methods Written communication Written communication is a very important type of communication, especially in care settings.

It is a much more formal type of communication and is essential in conveying important information. Written communication is also very good due to its ability to be completely confidential. Some information will be very personal and important which therefore needs to stay confidential and only read by the user’s service providers. It can be much more practical than spoken language because of how easy it is to record permanently. This means that anyone reading it can read it as many times as they need to in order to understand It whereas if it was said by mouth they may forget and not be able to be told again.

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Therefore a service provider can write down any Important information about a service user and then It can be corded In files and read by any staff member that needs to know anything about a service user. There will then be no worry about forgetting information and therefore no mistakes in the care service provided to a user. It would also be more accurate when written down. For that reason many different service providers will use written language. For example in schools teachers will often use written communication in the form of letters which are sent home to give parents precise information that they need to know.

This way the teacher can also keep a copy of every letter sent out so they know exactly what parents/careers have been told. There are many other uses of written communication used in care setting and lots of them are shown in figure one. As shown on the graph, written communication Is also very good for staff roots. A very exact Rota can be written down months In advance and put up on the wall so that all members of staff know exactly when they should be working. They are also useful to make sure that there Is always enough staff to provide the necessary care to service users.

This is something that’s very important in hospitals because if someone doesn’t Know tenure son ITt Ana doesn’t turn up teen tents wall really affect ten quality AT are given to patients. What I believe to be one of the most important uses of written communication in care settings is medical records. These are so crucial in giving the correct care to patients. The service provider can write down exact information about the patient such as what medication they have been given, what time they will need to take it again, what is actually the problem with them, how long they have been in hospital and much more.

Anyone who then wants to know anything about the patient can simply read it to get accurate information rather than having to ask other staff or the patients what they want to know. When visiting the Lantern community Mr. Ladybird took us to the office where all medication information is kept. He told us how much careful attention has to be put into making sure that absolutely everything is written down correctly; whether they took the medication or not, what time did they take it, did they take the right one and how many tablets are left so they know exactly when to order in the next bulk of tablets.

By doing this it ensures that all companions (service users) get the correct care they need. Similarly to this at the Infant School, Mrs. Tipper informed us on the process used in the school when a child is hurt ring the school day. If a child falls over and hurts there head then as well as telling the parents orally they also get a sticker with their injury written down on it. This way all teachers and careers around the school can be aware that they have been hurt and give special attention to make sure their condition stays okay throughout the day.

The school will also have records of each child stating any allergies, disabilities and any other important issue a child has. Another important use of written communication in care settings shown in figure 1 is assessments. In a written assessment a care reviver can Just evaluate the progress of service users, things they have managed to do really well and any worries and concerns they have about them. All assessments can kept and then be useful in checking the progress over a long period of time to see how the service user is coming along.

In Ringworm Infant School, every term a long report is written about each child and sent home to parents so they too can see the progress made by their child. In the report a teacher will write how each child is doing in each subject, what their behavior is like, how they are socially/emotionally and lastly if they have any gifted and talented aspects. Reports are important for not just parents but also teachers and even the children. By writing them it allows teachers to really evaluate and assess each child and get a strong idea on how they are doing. It also allows parents to do the same by reading it.

If both parents and teachers know exactly what stage the children are at then they can adjust the care given to ensure each child is getting the exact type of care that they need for them. Another way children are assessed at Ringworm Infant School is through a tracking document. At the start of the year the teacher will predict what they think the regress of each child will be. Then each term they will check the progress they have made so far to see if they are on track and if they are not the teacher can come up with ways to improve that so they have a very good chance of meeting their predictions.

Then at the very end of the year the teacher marks the progress they actually made to see what percentage of children reached their prediction. The aim is to have all children meet their predictions. Although oral communication would be the main method to gain trust form service users, there are actually ways of doing it tongue written communication. I rust Is every Important IT a care provoker wants to give a service user a very good quality of care. Knowing someone reasonably well will make it much easier to gain someone trust.

However with care providers changing all the time it is very hard to get to know everyone well without taking ages to get to know them which would of course take a long time. To get round this lots of care settings will have information written down about each care user so that care providers can read it and get very quickly get a grasp on the type of person the service provide is in order to gain their trust. For example in the Lantern Community each companion has a something called a personal passport.

On this it will have the things like, their likes and dislikes, bits about their personality, their disabilities, medication etc. They are crucial for companions who don’t have the ability to speak because they can show them to anyone who they meet that needs to know any background information about them such as doctors. Any member of staff that comes into contact with them will then know them a little bit, making it easier to talk to them and gain trust. Therefore they can then give them the best quality of care they sibyl can.

However there can be problems with written communication. ‘Expressing oneself clearly and effectively in writing is a skilful activity that will need to be mastered by all who work in health, social care and early care settings. If something is not written correctly and mistakes are made there can be serious consequences. It can cause service providers to give ‘inappropriate actions, failure to act and complaints and litigation. ‘ A disadvantage is it can be very time consuming.

Writing out everything, especially by hand and in good detail will take a very long time, whereas speaking would be much quicker. Another disadvantage is it can be very hard to convey an individual’s true meaning and also make it personal. For example when a teacher will write a long school report the teachers meaning, tone and general ideas could easily be misinterpreted by the reader when it’s Just written on a page. Figure 1: tasks in which written communication is used. ” Oral communication is the action of communicating verbally through speech.

It is an essential communication tool in care settings and a key factor in building relationships and gaining trust from the service users in order to provide them quality care. Some of the uses of oral communication is to give information, obtain information and exchange ideas between service providers and service givers. For these reasons, it is very important for the information that an individual gives or receives is completely accurate. This is because if someone is told incorrect information or gives incorrect information it could have serious consequences and lead to wrong actions being made.

For example in the Lantern Community if a companion is not feeling very well then all the various workshops that they were supposed to attend that day need to be told either verbally by phone or in person hat they will not be attending that class. However if this information is conveyed incorrectly it could lead to that companion paying for all the workshops that day when teen 010 not actually attend teen. I Norte tents snows now crucial It Is Tort messages that are being communicated verbally are told correctly in order for the best quality care to be given.

Although written communication is seen as the most formal mode of communication, oral does also have certain informal and formal modes. For example an informal mode of oral communication would be a telephone call and a more formal mode would be a meeting or speech. Oral communication is a quick and convenient way of communicating. If there is limited time then communicating orally would be very useful to exchange information or ideas because you can get across what you need to say a lot quicker than if you wrote it down. Also it enables a person to be much more personal through their speech.

Conveying thoughts, feelings and personal issues can be very difficult through written communication. However with oral communication it makes it a lot easier. This is because there are different things you can use when talking in order to get across what you mean, such as the tone of voice. By changing the tone of voice when talking to someone it allows an individual to really make it clear what they are saying so nothing it misinterpreted wrongly. It also allows a person to use their body language to really show a person what they mean.

For example simply smiling while talking to a service user can make them feel comfortable and understand that the service provider is friendly and therefore ensure them they can listen and trust what they are saying. Service providers need to be very good at communicating verbally. They need to have the ability to actually start and also hold a conversation with other embers of staff, service users and also service user’s family. For example in the Infant school every morning, parents will come into the classroom and stay for a while until their child settles in properly.

During this time they will share with the teacher any worries, issues or questions they have. Therefore, whether it’s reassuring them or answering questions a teacher needs to be good at quickly and clearly talking to the parents so that the children are provided the best quality of care and parents can be free of worries. As shown in figure 2, by allowing the parents to come n the morning it enables the teachers to use oral communication to welcome them and allow them to actually see what their child’s teacher is like.

A teacher can also properly welcome the children in a friendly manner in order to make them feel more comfortable in the classroom and reassure them about the day while their parents are there too. This will ensure that the children are ready for the day by giving them quality care in the morning. However having good oral communication skills isn’t Just being able to verbally communicate information, it’s also being able to listen and understand others when someone is talking to them. ‘Effective communication means more than Just passing on information.

It means involving or engaging the other person’. This is especially important in a care setting because each individual will have different ways of interpreting what is being said and also conveying messages they want to get across. For example in a hospital if a patient is very sick and can’t talk very clearly, a nurse or doctor needs to be able to carefully listen and interpret what the patient is saying so that they can act on it and give the patient exactly what they need. When speaking to someone orally it enables a service provider to actually see the response of who they are talking to.

This means that they can see whether they’ve heard and understood. However, when speaking to someone orally it is very Nora to nave a permanent record AT want NAS Eden salsa I Norte a service provoker may have to repeatedly tell a service user if they keep forgetting. Also it means there is no proof that conversation actually took place. Therefore, if the information given was important and then the service user forgot what they said, it could lead to the service provider getting trouble.

For example in a care home where there may be lots of people that do not have the best memory, the residents may constantly forget what they have been told. Therefore if a service provider only communicates verbally it means they are not catering everyone’s needs and some service users will not be getting the best quality care. Another important use of oral communication that is shown in figure two is explaining things like issues and procedure. When communicating orally it makes it a lot easier to explain things thoroughly while being sure that the listener understands.

It allows a service provider to really engage the revive user while explaining and clarifying anything that they need to know. This is especially important in a hospital because patients will constantly be experiencing new and potentially scary things and also being given treatments. Therefore when these treatments are being given the doctor will need to start by letting them know what they are going to do and why this needs to happen. Then throughout the process they need to be reassuring the patient and asking them how they are so that they feel at ease.

Lastly when finished it is important to ask them how they found it, whether they are okay with the process and see if they have any questions. If a doctor or nurse decided to not communicate properly and explain things to their patient then it could leave them feeling confused and worried. Therefore for a patient to be made to feel comfortable it ensures that they are getting a really good quality of care. Gaining trust is an extremely important use of oral communication in a care setting. This is shown as a use in figure two about the uses of oral communication.

By gaining the trust of service users it will mean that they can form legislations and therefore make the service users time at the care setting as nice as possible. These trusting relationships can be made through everyday conversation and by the service user making a good effort to get to know the service user. The trust could take some time to actually be made between the service user and service provider. This is because the service user will want to be sure that any confidential information told to the service provider is kept between Just them two.

This could be things like personal issues they are experiencing or any problems and issues they are experiencing. If the service user was to break the then this could affect the service user badly. It could lead to them feeling embarrassed and a decrease in their self-esteem. It would also mean the trust is completely lost and probably make it impossible to gain it again. For example in the Lantern community when new companions come they often feel very confused and scared because people with learning disabilities usually do not like change.

Therefore the staff at the Lantern have a very important Job of ensuring that they spend quality time with both the companions and their parents in order get a greater understanding of the impassions needs. This is important because it helps the staff gain their trust therefore making them feel comfortable and giving them the best quality of care. Also with young children, they will often want to share with their teacher their interests and passions. Therefore, teachers will need to show interest in this and even snare tenet own Interests Walt teen In order Tort teen to Tell comfort them and give their trust. Ii Figure 2- Uses of oral communication Computerized Communication Computerized communication is any communication that happens electronically such as text message and email. It is a very quick way of communicating with someone who isn’t easily accessible. For example in a hospital if someone needs to urgently communicate with someone in a different hospital for maybe a second opinion on a diagnosis then things like x-rays could very quickly be emailed to them. Without it people would have to use the post in order to communicate with someone who is not physically present so it’s a very useful method of communication.

Also using computerized methods an individual could communicate with someone in another country Just as quickly and easily as with someone who was in the same country. If they were to do it by post instead then this could potentially take weeks. However due to it being computerized it means that the sender cannot see the receivers reaction to see whether they have understood properly. Unlike oral communication, using computerized communication it leaves a permanent record of what was said which means they could easily go back and re-read it if anything is forgotten.

Not only can it be permanent it can also be kept their very confidentially so no one unauthorized to view it. This is because the computer can be password protected meaning no one can enter the computer, phone etc. ND view the computerized message. Also it allows a huge amount of messages and files to be stored online and will therefore take up a lot less space than filing everything on paper. However this can be risky because computers can crash and easily go wrong. Therefore filing everything in a computerized way could lead to the loss of many important files.

Due to this many care settings will choose to have files on both the computer but also on paper Just in case a computer crashes. If the computerized communication is informal, it allows the sender to use shorthand in order for messages to be sent quickly. For example the sender could the abbreviation of you’ which is ‘u’. However in a more formal communication, such as one between two hospitals abbreviations would not be appropriate. Computerized communication is very useful and is utilized by lots of care settings. A use of computerized communication in the Infant school is power points.

Mrs. Tipper told us that when presenting she will make Proponents and share them with parents so that they can see on a screen as well as verbally what she is talking about. She can then upload these on the school website so that the parents can go back and look at anything they issued or didn’t quite understand. This enables Mrs. Tipper to provide the best quality care to the students because by having a mutual understanding between teacher and parent on what their children are learning it means that they can both help and aid the child’s education together.

She also puts Proponents on the Interactive windflower In ten morning Tanat Loosely ten ‘start AT ten clay task I Nils enables her to communicate to everyone who comes through the door what they need to be doing rather than repeatedly having to go up to each parent and child and explain the task as they enter. This provides a very good quality of care because it means that everyone knows what they are doing and will complete the morning task which gets them ready for the upcoming day. The lantern also utilizes computerized communication. The companions at the Lantern actually live and work in the one community.

Therefore they only see their family when they come to visit. In order for the companions to keep in contact and also get to see their family at the same time, they use skips. Skips allows them to do live video calls with family members so it is a very good method of computerized communication. It enables them to regularly talk and see family therefore providing a good quality of care because it would make sure that they are happy. They also use APS that are on phones and tablets that allow companions who don’t have the ability to talk to communicate simple sentences.

The app has lots of buttons with pictures on them such as a picture of a toilet or of food and when they click them the device says the word. Therefore it enables the companions to communicate what they want to say. This makes sure that they are receiving a high quality of care because it gives them he freedom and independence to communicate important things without any unnecessary struggle. They also have an email system in use that allows all staff and volunteers to quickly communicate with each other important messages, especially ones about the companions such as information about their treatment and medication.

This quick form of computerized communications means that companions are provided with the best care. Special Methods Special methods of communication are fundamental in care settings. They enable individuals who cannot communicate verbally due to disabilities and various efferent special needs to convey any messages that they need to say. They are also good for young children because it can sometimes be hard to get across messages to them and also to understand what they are trying to say. Therefore special methods make communicating a lot easier in cases where verbal and written communication is not effective.

Also by giving people who wouldn’t be able to communicate without these methods it means it makes them equal and give everyone the same opportunities. Without them it could lead to individuals being very isolated and poor self-esteem. There are different types of special methods to cater for various types of needs. Braille Braille is a special method form of written language for people who are blind. The characters are arranged in a pattern of raised dots that are felt with fingertips. ‘Braille symbols are formed within units of space known as Braille cells.

A full Braille cell consists of six raised dots arranged in two parallel rows each having three dots. The dot positions are identified by numbers from one through six. V As shown in the table below each letter, number and punctuation has a pattern of dots that represents it. Braille is a method that is known worldwide and the most commonly used method for reading. Without it, individuals who are blind would not be able to read or use written communication at all. I Norte I t provides new n ten same opportunities as everyone else has.

Figure 3- The Braille alphabet and numbers Megaton Megaton is way of communicating with a list of simple words that have signs. They are accompanied by ‘gestures, facial expression, eye contact, body language, signs, symbols and words to aid communication. Vii Rather than signing everything you use the signs to aid what is being said verbally. For example if an individual was trying to ask someone with special needs if they wanted a drink with Megaton an individual would say ‘do you want a drink while signing the word drink, raising their eyebrows in a questioning way and using a questionable tone.

For someone who doesn’t have the ability to speak they would Just sign the word drink and the career would then know what they meant. Without Megaton it would be very hard for them to communicate simple things like this. It is also used with people who may have lost their speech through a stroke and people who have autism. It is especially useful and as originally created for young people. Therefore in special learning centers where individuals with special needs go, Megaton would be something that is used a lot to help the children communicate.

By using Megaton it allows the service providers and service users to properly communicate ensuring they are getting the best quality of care. Sign language Sign language is a way of communicating through signs and gestures. It is mainly used by deaf people worldwide so that they can communicate like everybody else. It is also utilized by people who can hear but cannot speak. They will combine gestures dad by their hands and upper body to communicate to others who also know sign language. The picture shown below represents what signs make the letters of the alphabet.

These would be especially useful to young deaf people who are learning how to spell. When visiting the Lantern I was told that they have people working there who specializes in sign language. This allows any companions there who cannot talk or hear effectively to be able to communicate with them so that they can then convey that message to those around who do not know sign language. This will ensure Tanat no companions are let Telling Isolated Owe to not Dealing addle to ammunition. Therefore it helps provide a good quality of care.

At the LEG (early learning group) at the Infant school where children who are a little slow in their development go before Joining in reception, they also use sign language. When joining, some of the children do not talk at all so at first the only way to communicate is through sign language. Without sign language, it would be impossible to eventually get to the stage where the children are able to communicate verbally. Therefore the Infant school also provide this in order to give the best quality of care to the children that attend the school.