The geometic transformation that has pattern of interlocking shapes

The geometic transformation that:

  • flips or folds in half
  • creates a line of symmetry
  • creates a mirror image

The geometic transformation that means to slide
The geometic transformation that means to turn
The geometric tansformation that transforms by channging the size of an object but not the shape
1 Pint
2 cups equals this…
1 cup
8 ounces equals this
1 gallon
4 quarts equal
3 feet
1 yard
1 quart
2 pints equals
1 pound
16 ounces equals
Distance / Time =
Speed x Time =
Distance / Speed
Standard Customary Unit

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  • inches, feet, yard, miles
  • ounces, pounds, tons
  • cups, pints, teaspoons, tablespoons, quarts, and gallons

are all what unit of measurement?

Non-Standard Unit of Measurement

  • measures length, width, weight, capacity
  • use concret objects like paperclips, toothpicks, body parts
  • should be taught first to student to develop meaning


The unit of measurement that measures consistent

  • time, length, width, capacity, money, and temperature


  • used for small amounts such as the width of an ant
  • 1L = 1000 of these
  • 1 drop from a dropper is equal to 1 of these…

12 inches
1 foot equals this
The length of a room is measured in this…
the basic unit of length
5280 feet
1 mile equals this
Basic unit of mass…
Metric Unit

  • millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers
  • grams and kilograms
  • liters and milliliters

are all what unit of measurement?

When water boils at 100° and freezes at 0°, this is known as the metric unit of temperature for?
When water boils at 212° and freezes at 32°, this is known as the metric unit of temperature for?
Passes through the center of the circle and has both endpoints on the circle

C = P x d

What is the formula to find the diameter of a circle?
The distance aroudn a circle is known as the…
From the center point of the circle to the endpoint of the circle is known as the…
The formula for finding the radius

Area = Pr

This formula is used to find the area of a circle
Parallel Lines
Lines that never cross are called
Acute Angle

This angle measures less than 90 degrees 


Obtuse Angle
This angle measures more than 90 degrees
Right Angle
This angle measures exactly 90 degrees
Straight Angle
This angle measures exactly 180 degrees.  Lines are known as these…
3-D solids

  • cylinders and cubes
  • measured in 3 directions: length, width, height

2-D solids

  • triangles, squares, circles, rectangles
  • measured in 2 direction: length and width


Closed figures with straight sides

Examples are:

  • quadrilaterals
  • triangles
  • pentagons
  • hexagons
  • octagons

  1. Quadrilaterials
  2. Triangles
  3. Hexagons
  4. Pentagons
  5. Octagons

Name 5 polygons
Perimeter of a triangle
P = a+b+c is the formula for finding the…
A = 1/2bh
the formula for finding the area of a triangle is…
Equilateral Triangle
A triangle in which all sides are equal is known as an
Isosceles Triangle
When a triangle has 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles, it is known as an…
Scalene Triangle
A triangle in which all 3 sides are unequal is known as a…
an 8 sided polygon is called an…
a 6-sided polygon is known as a…
A 5-sided polygon is known as a…
The formula used to find the perimeter of a square is…
P=2l + 2w or P=2(l+w)
The formula for finding the perimeter of a rectangle is…
Area of a rectangle

A=length x width 


A=base x height

are two formulas that can be used to find the…

A 4-sided polygon that can be either a square or a rectangle is called a…
Pythagorean Theorem

Was named after the Greek mathematician and has a formula of a2+b2=c2


To find the value of a missing side for a right triangle, use this formula.
They discovered the pythagorem theory, geometry, and irrational numbers.
The space inside an object and is measured in square units

The distance around the outside of an object

To find add the lengths of a figure’s sides


The number of cubic units an object contains.

The formula is v = length x width x height

Area of a square
The formula A=s2 is used to find the…


Rectangular Pyramid has 8 edges

Cube has 12 edges

What is the ratio of edges of a retangluar pyramid to edges of a cube?


Parallelogram have 4 sides

Hexagon have 6 sides

What is the ratio of sides in a parallelogram to sides in a hexagon?

Line Symmetry

Point Symmetry

Congruence and

Similar Figures

are all geometric words used to describe…


  1. cups
  2. gallons
  3. pints

Name 3 units of measurements used for liquids
1 ton
2000 pounds =