Major goal of social studies

  • teach problem solving skills applied to real life
  • convey basic knowledge about the history of our nation
  • promotes a sense of tolerance and appreciate for differing view points

all are considered to be the…

Context of learning about history
Distinction between fact and opinion is the…
Community based instruction

  • Involves using real life settings to enrich classroom instruction
  • May also involve service learning projects or volunteer work

Thematic Units
These units are fundamentally interdisciplinary in social studies; refers to learning across the curriculum
Contents in Social Studies

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  • Concepts
  • Generalizations
  • Intradisciplinary learning (within Social Studies
  • Community Approach
  • Interdisciplinary learning (learning across the curriculum) and
  • Principles

are all…

1st Grade
Teaching the child’s relationship to the classroom, school, and the community
Learning about the child, home, family, and classroom
3rd Grade
Learning about how individuals change their communities and the world
5th Grade
Learning about United States History
6th Grade
Learning about people and places of the contemporary world
2nd Grade
Learning about the local community
4th Grade
Learning about the history of Texas and Texas in the western hemisphere
Academic Vocabulary
The vocabulary needed to teach social studies
;teaching social studies
Role-play, debates, oral history, case studies, field trips, simulations, learning centers, conflict resolution, resource persons, cooperative learning, and inquiry approachare all strategies for…
this helps with wait time research
This strategy allows for students to step outside their usual perspective and explore issues and ideas from the viewpoint of another;Helps with seeing a situation from another perspective

  1. Preparing for the visit beforehand
  2. Determining the active engagement students will participate in at the site
  3. post visit reflections for evaluation of the experience

What 3 steps involves the process of visiting museums or taking a field trip?;
Oral histories and interviews

  • Provides firsthand knowledge
  • from the point of view of the person being interviewed
  • reinforces the idea that history was real events; that happened to real people
  • may not be historically accurate

Inquiry Teaching
The process of asking and answering questions in social studies;Directly promotes understanding of and resembles the;scientific method
Social Studies Skills
Skills such as:

  • fact and opinion
  • cause and effect
  • compare and contrast
  • making inferences
  • decision making skills and
  • using statistics

are all what type of skills

Fact and Opinion

  • Allows students to determine the soundness of an author’s piece
  • Can be proved or observed
  • Expresses one’s personal beliefs

Census Records
This record provides information such as population density, immigration trends, education and occupation of residents in a given area
Provides information such as temperature, rainfall, humidity, climate data, earthquake data, and economic trends
Assessments in Social Studies

  • Use of portfolios for self-assessment and goal setting
  • Use of interviews to gather information and
  • Use of rubrics

are all…

Portfolios, Interviews, and Rubrics
Name the 3 tools used for assessing social studies

  • Providing feedback
  • Providing information to the teacher
  • Indicates when to reteach and when to move ahead

are all assessment skills that helps facilitates…

Designed to find out what a student knowsGives the teacher an opportunity to correct any misunderstandings

  • measures a specific objective
  • uses a range of indicators
  • arranged in levels
  • helps students be more thoughtful in judging the quality of their work

graphic organizers used in social studies

  • semantic webs or tree diagrams
  • time lines
  • flowcharts
  • venn diagrams

are all common…

academic vocabulary in social studies

  • teacher gives description/example of new term
  • student restate new term in their own words
  • student create a picture of the new word
  • students discuss new terms
  • use of games and activities to add to knowledge of new term

are all ways for teaching…