The year US buys France
having the right to vote is known as…
reconstruction period
the period after the Civil War in which the South was rebuilt
13th, 14th, 15th amendments
the 3 amendments passed during the reconstruction period
Emancipation Proclamation

Abraham Lincoln signed in 1863

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Freed slaves in the confederate states

Missouri Compromise

  • happened in 1820
  • was allowed to join the Union as a slave state
  • states north were free states
  • states south were slave states

Middle Ages
the feudal system and the crusades
Abraham Lincoln
The 16th president who signed the emancipation proclamation and delivered the Gettysburg Address
Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta
They fought for better working conditions and fair compensation for agricultural workers
Samuel Adams
He wrote the “Leader of the Sons of Liberty”
unalienable rights
rights possessed by all people
people who wanted to abolish slavery
anti-slavery is known as…
Washington’s Farewell Address

His address was to:

-avoid debt

-avoid foreign alliances and to

-recognize the danger of political parties


they were an important part of the opening of the west

the transcontinental fostered great economic development along the routes

Lewis ; Clark

  • They explored the Louisiana Territory
  • Expedition of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean

American Revolution

  • stamp act
  • boston massacre
  • tea act
  • intolerable acts

all led to this revolution…

Boston Massacre

  • Led up to the revolutionary war
  • Fight between English soldiers and American colonists

Common Sense
Thomas Paine’s book to increase support for American independence from Great Britain
Louisiana Purchase

Purchased by Thomas Jefferson in 1803

Stretched from Mississippi River to Rocky Mountains; New Orleans to Canada

Manifest Destiny

  • Idea that the US should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific
  • Rationalized the westward expansion of the US
  • “from sea to shining sea

Ponce de Leon
1st Spaniard to set foot on what is known as Florida
Indentured Servant
A person who agreed to wrk for another person without pay
Declaration of Independence
Passed by the 2nd Continental Congress on July 4, 1776
James Madison

4th President of the US

Main author of the US Constitution

Industrial Revolution
machines instead of hand tools are used to produce good during this era
Plymouth Colony
This colony was established in 1620 in Massachusetts by the Pilgrims
Stamp Act

Known as “no taxation without representation”

English tax on American Colonies

The first permanent English colony established in 1607 and led by Captain John Smith
New England Colonies

  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • New Hampshire

are all…

Cold War
Occured after WWII and involved the US and the Soviet Union preparing for war
Civil War

A war in which a group of people from the same place or country fight each other


Was fought in America during 1860 and 1865



Primary Sources
They are highly engaging and represent personal views on historical events and situations
Primary Sources

  • diaries
  • letters
  • photographs
  • nterviews
  • eyewitness acounts

are all examples of…

Secondary Source

Produced by people who did not actually witness or participate in the event


Newspaper, magazine articles, biographies, movies, and books are a few examples

Primary Sources

  • records made by people who saw and took part in an event
  • actual documents and artifacts of history or historical events


  • man made object
  • can be a tool, weapon, pottery, art
  • provides clues about the nature of culture
  • represents a culture or group

cultural diffusion
teaching a concept such as, illustrating where different foods come from is an example of…

  • a book of maps
  • can be political, topographic, or physical
  • can show country, continent, time period, or geographic

critical thinking in social studies

  • using cause and effect
  • using frame of reference
  • recognizing bias
  • recognizing point of view
  • recognizing propaganda

are all ways for using…

Spanish explorers came to Texas in the 16th and 17th century

  • to find suitable locations for the establishment of colonies
  • to find resources and
  • to establish routes

are reasons why the…


The year that Texas declares independence

The year the Battle of San Jacinto was fought

The Battle of Gonzales
This battle began the Texas Revolution
Spanish Missions in Texas

Their purpose was to:

  • teach the catholic faith
  • protect the interests of the spanish crown
  • and to ensure self-sufficiency of the area

Texas Revolution

Revolution of colonists in Texas against Mexico

On October 2, 1835, the Battle of Gonzales begins this revolution

Stephen F Austin

  • known as the “Father of Texas”
  • established the 1st Anglo colony in Texas

Battle of the Alamo

  • a war for Texas independence
  • Travis, Bowie, Crockett joins to help defeat Mexico
  • happened in 1836
  • Santa Ana kills Texans and 300 in Goliad are killed

State Song

title is Texas Our Texas

written by Wiliam Marsh & Gladys Yoakum Wright

Cabeza de Vaca

He was the 1st to explore Texas in 1528

He was accompanied by an African named Esteban

6 Flags over Texas

  • Spain
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Republic of Texas
  • United States
  • Texas in the Confederacy

are different countries that controlled Texas and is known as the …

The year that Texas becomes the 28th state
The origin of Texas
comes from “caddo” and means “friendly”
Mexican-American War
the boundary disputes concerning Texas and Mexico caused this war
This Native American Group lived in the Great Plains and hunted buffalo…
Battle of San Jacinto

  • it is the final battle of the Texas Revolution
  • Santa Ana surrenders to Sam Houston on April 21, 1836
  • Treat of Velasco ends the Texas Revolution

what battle is this?

Sam Houston

  • he was the 1st President of the Republic of Texas
  • he was Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of Texas

Juan Seguin

  • he was the defender of the Alamo
  • he wrote laws for Texas
  • his laws are printed in Spanish and English

recognizing propaganda

a scheme or effort to promote an idea or point of view by:

labeling, card stacking, testimonial, bandwagon, glittering generalities, and assertions

recognizing bias

  • identify the source
  • look for evidence
  • draw conclusions

are all ways for recognizing…

recognizing frame of reference
a way of looking at a situation is called…

  • a process of change
  • families who adopt the language and customs of their new country

Mayflower Compact
A primary resource for Colonia America would be the…