structures, cycles, and processes that interconnect
systems in science are comprised of…
man-made structures
dams, wells, and bridges are what type of structures?
rock, water, atmospheric
name the 3 main cycles on earth.
atmospheric cycle
movement between warm and cool air is considered to be what type of cycle?
the water cycle
travels in a cycle by:

  • going up as evaporation
  • form clouds like condensation
  • then comes down as precipitation

when water vapors rise in air, cools, then forms clouds…
moisture from clouds to ground creates…
this is formed from the sun’s energy heating;the earth’s surface causing water to change from liquid to gas
rock cycle
the process that creates and changes rocks from igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary is known as the…

  1. cells
  2. tissues
  3. organs
  4. organ systems
  5. organisms

Name the hierarchy of the human body system in order
group of tissues that work together are called…
group of cells working together to perform a specific function
muscle tissue
contracts and relaxes to move the skeleton
nervous tissue
includes the brain and spinal cord and places wehre the 5 senses are
the process of warm air rising and cool air sinking is called…
natural structures on earth
mountains, streams, aquifers, trees, geysers, plateaus, beaver dams, water falls, and caverns are all…