• animals with backbone
  • cold-blooded such as fish, amphibians, reptiles
  • warm-blooded such as birds and mamals


  • animals with no backbone
  • 97% of earth’s animals
  • sponges, worms, mollusks, starfish, lobsters, crabs, jellyfish

food web
shows how all the food chains within an ecosystem are connected;can be affected by:-weather, fire, flooding-deforestation-pesticides-pollution

  • the things that eat dead or decaying object
  • fungi and bacteria are 2 examples

they produce their own foodexample would be plants
name the food chain in order from the sun to the earthworm
food chain
how energy flows in an ecosystem
animals that eat the plantsexamples include: herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores
animals that eat consumersthey hunt and kill other animals for food
an increase in this would most likely result in an increase in the size of a population
tropical rainforests

  • found near the equator
  • warm temperatures
  • wet climate
  • animals include jaguars and anacondas

grassland savannah

  • moderate temperatures
  • 1/4 of Earth’s land
  • animals include prairie dogs, kangaroos, and lions


  • world’s coldest
  • animals include the polar bear and arctic hares

-accounts for 97% of earth’s water-animals include the great white shark, lobsters, and angelfish
deciduous forest
-moderate temperatures and rainfall-have 4 seasons-common animals include foxes, deers, and cardinals