________ are naturally formed mineral matter
sedimentary rock
this type of rock is carried by moving wind, water, or ice
igneous rocks
volcanic rocks are classified as…
metamorphic rocks
rocks formed from heat and pressure are called
igneous rocks
rocks that form when magma cools or lava hardens are called
this type of soil hold water well, is dense, but makes it difficult for plants to grow
this type of soil does not hold water well and is not good for growing plants

  1. sand
  2. clay
  3. humus

name 3 types of soil
the continuous changing of rocks on the earth is known as the _________ cycle
the movement of water from the earth’s surface into the air and back to the earth again is known as the __________ cycle.
the water cycle would be interrupted, causing living organisms to look for and use available amounts of freshwater to survive
what would happen if the temperature in the atmosphere increased?what would living organisms have to do?

  • the movement of water through plants
  • an example would be a link between water and the green color of the grass

nutrient cycle
this cycle

  • describes how carbon and nitrogen travels between plants and animals
  • the plant use sun’s energy and produce protiens and nutrients
  • animals eat the plants
  • nutrients return back to soil/plant once the animal die