during the winter
when is North America tilted away from the sun?
seasons to change
the tilt of the earth causes what?
when the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun it is…
when the northen hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, it is…
climate and weather
the sun, tilt of the earth, bodies of water, shape of land, winds, natural events such as volcano and global warming are all factors that affect the…
clouds and precipitation
a low pressure area will form…
a low pressure area
warm air rise, pushing down on the earth with less pressure will form…
a high pressure area
when cold air is dense and sinks, pushing down on earth with greater pressure will form…
cumulus clouds
these cloudsar are seen in the afternoon, creates fair weather, and warm moist air
cumulonimbus clouds
this type of cloud is known as a thrunderstorm cloud and produces heavy rain
stratus clouds
flat, gray clouds in which rain or snow may fall are called…
a cold front approaching would bring what to an area on the next day?
the earth’s supply of fresh water would become exhaustible
what would be the effect on condensation if temperature in the atmosphere increased significantly due to global warming?
increasing average global temperature
the result of burning fossil fuels will most likely affect earth in the future by…