physical, social, emotional, mental
name the 4 components of wellness
how proper shoes and clothing promotes safe play
to prevent accidents, PE teachers should explain…
the largest organ of the body that helps protect you from pathogens like bacteria and fungi is the…
the child’s behavior
advice regarding safety and accident prevention for children is focused on…
skills taught through conflict resolution

  • listening skills
  • awareness of one’s feelings and the ability to express feelings calmly
  • awareness of the feelings of others

are all what type of skills?

the food pyramid
this shows the proportions of different foods to one another; it also lets you know that a balanced diet includes a variety of foods from each color group
discuss the basic parts of the body that fight diseases
an activity to help students realize that their own behaviors result in healthy or unhealthy conditions would be to…
6 major nutrients
carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water are all classified as the…
refusal skills
ways to say no to risky behaviors are known as…