1. balance
  2. agility
  3. speed
  4. power
  5. coordination

what are the 5 components of physical fitness that emphasizes the ability to perform successfully during sports or games?
preventing diseases
cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition are the 4 types of physical activites that helps with…
anaerobic activity

  • climbing 3 flights of stairs quickly
  • swimming 100 meters as quickly as possible
  • done in short fast bursts

are all known as what type of activity?

cardiovascular activities
activities such as jump roping, swimming, and jogging are classified as…
locomotor skills

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traveling skills like:

-walking       -hopping

-running       -skipping

-leaping        -galloping

-jumping       -sliding


manipulative skills
these skills are used with objects such as a sport and consist of throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling, and striking with a racket
fine motor skills
these type of skills takes practice, attention, and effort to develop
non-locomotor skills

skills without moving from place to place such as:

bending, pushing, pulling, turning, twisting, stretching, rising, falling, shaking, swinging

developmentally appropriate skills for PE

  • form groups that preserve every child’s dignity
  • activities with 2-3 children per team for maximum participation
  • activites that emphasize fun, participation, and cooperation

are known as…