Reading Comprehension

  • Actively engaged
  • Interaction with written words
  • Questioning, inferring, and discussing
  • Engaging in many reading and thinking activities

are all qualities that promote…

Vocabulary Learning

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  • Reading a variety of genres
  • Providing explicit word instruction
  • Discussing new words
  • Using words learned in writing
  • Analyzing context of a new word to determine the unfamiliar word
  • Making connection with known and unknown words

are all activities that promote what?

  1. Reader
  2. Text
  3. Vocabulary

The 3 factors that affect reading comprehension are…
Reader’s Comprehension
Reading fluency, prior knowledge, reading strategies are the factors that affect the…
Prior knowledge
Making inferences is directly related to…
Activate prior knowledge

  • Using a graphic organizer (KWL chart, web)
  • Using familiar topics
  • Connecting learning to “real world”
  • Pre-teaching conceps and vocabulary before the lesson

are all strategies that

Reading Strategies

  • Self-monitoring
  • Using decoding skills
  • Asking questions as they read
  • Predicitng and
  • Rereading to clarify

are all considered to be…


  1. Engaging in daily oral language
  2. Listening to an adult read;
  3. Reading extensively independently

are 3 ways to introduce vocabulary…


  • Specific word instruction
  • Semantic maps
  • Dictionaries/reference aids
  • Word walls
  • Context clues and
  • Word studies

can all be used to teach vocabulary…

Semantic Map
The most appropriate graphic organizer to use after students read a fable or short story would be a…
Semantic Map
When students are having difficulty with words, the teacher should have them construct what type of graphic organizer to enhance their understanding?
Semantic Map
This concept map help students see how words are related to each other
Word Study
Multiple meaning of words for example:

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Homonyms
  • Etymology
  • Figurative Meaning
  • Morphemic Analysis and
  • words related to a concept

are known as…

The history of words and how they were developed (Latin, Greek, etc.) is known as…

  1. Literal
  2. Inferential
  3. Evaluative

Name the 3 levels of reading comprehension
Literal Comprehension

  • Directly stated in the text
  • Identify/recall details
  • Identify stated main idea
  • Establishing sequence of events

what level of reading comprehension is this?

Evaluative Comprehension

  • Judging, analyzing, evaluating the character
  • Valuing by applying personal attitudes, beliefs
  • Examining point of view
  • Thinking critically about the text

what level of comprehension is this?

Inferential Comprehension
This level of reading comprehension is:

  • “reading between the lines”
  • not directly stated but implied
  • deals with drawing conclusions
  • makes predictions
  • establish cause and effect relationships

Activating students’ prior knowledge before reading, creating a KWL chart, walking through the book to look at table of contents and other text features, pointing out vocabulary words, discussing predictions, asking questions to check if predictions were correct are all activites that facilatates…
Narrative Text
This type of text tells a story and the story elements include:

  • character
  • setting
  • theme
  • conflict
  • plot
  • conflict resolution

Narrative Text

  • Picture books
  • Fiction
  • Fables
  • Myths
  • Fantasy
  • Fairy Tales

are all genres of…

Journal Entries
 _____________ entries are considered to be a narrative text because they tell a story.
Narrative Text

  • Discuss story elements and students relate to their own experiences
  • Have students compare story elements to that of other stories they have read
  • Create story maps to provide visual of the important elements of the text
  • Teach students to retell the story to help them remember the events

These are all strategies that enhance comprehension of…

Expository Text

  • Text is factual
  • Purpose is to inform, explain, or persuade
  • Examples include: textbooks, biographies, newspapers, diaries, journals, magazines, autobiographies
  • Also called informational books

Expository Text
Text structure is organized by either:

  • cause and effect
  • compare and contrast
  • sequence or
  • problem-solution

Expository Text
The physical layout of this text may have: graphics, tables, charts, diagrams, and illustrations. Also consist of:table of content, glossary, index, appendix, copyright page
K-W-L Chart
This chart help students comprehend expository text
K-W-L Chart
Helps increase comprehension and develops self-monitoring strategies Helps activate prior knowledge and set purposes for reading
This skill leads to independent learners.

  • Part of self-monitoring
  • “Thinking about your thinking”

Self-Monitoring Strategies

  • Reciprocal Teaching
  • Fix-Up Strategies
  • Self-Questioning
  • Role-Play and Peer Teaching
  • Talk-Through
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Setting purpose by generating questions

are all what type of strategies?

Reciprocal Teaching

  • When teacher and student dialogue with each other to increase metacognition and active learning.
  • Involves asking questions, clarifying words and ideas, summarizing the text, predicting wthat will happen next

This is known as…

Reading Comprehension
Developing multicultural awareness by having multicultural literature in the classroom will also help with enhancing… 
Multicultural awareness and knowledge through reading
Having read aloudsAdvertise/expose a wide variety ofbooksProvide time for readingInitiate student book talksHold discussion groupsare all strategies to promote… 
Multicultural Literature

  • Creating/performing a reader’s theatre
  • Inviting a guest speaker
  • Using comparison/story charts
  • Retelling story using puppets
  • Using a storyboard to support retelling
  • Initiating story corners

are all ways to provide opportunities to respond to …

Meet student needs

  • Use heterogeneous cooperative groups
  • Model skim and scan
  • Provide wait time and ask higher-order questions
  • Have prereading discussions
  • Establish a purpose for reading
  • Familiarize student with the layout
  • Teach self-monitoring strategies

are all strategies that will ___________ when developing reading comprehension

  • Teacher modeling
  • Guided practice
  • Independent practice

Effective instruction involves…
Teacher modeling
Explains, models (demonstrates) and think aloud are 3 strategies used for
When students are:

  • Using decoding skills
  • Asking questions as they read
  • Predicting the text
  • Rereadig for clarification

they are doing what?