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Making mock letters

Reproduce/change order of lettes

Invented Spelling

Conventional Spelling

What is the order in which children begin to write?
Using word walls, spelling journals, word sorts, daily reading and writing activities, “think-it-out approach”, and use of dictionaries are all strategies for teaching what?






Name the stages of spelling development in order…

Child understands that letters represent sound; the concept of alphabetic principle


What stage fo spelling development is this?


Child has not yet discovered that letters represent sounds.


Child is able to provide an explanation about their writing, but others can’t read it.


What stage of spelling development is this?


Child believes that words are spelled the way they sound.


Child will write “mi” instead of “my”


What stage of spelling development is this?

Fine Motor Skills

  • drawing
  • writing
  • cutting with scissors
  • gluing small objects on paper

are all what type of skills?

Vowel Dipthongs

Vowel pairs that make one blended sound.


Words such as: new, toil, shout, boy, would, guy

Consonant Blends

2 consonant sounds blended together such as

bl, cr, dr, fl, gl, pr, sm, st, nt


  • child spells a number of irregular sight words correctly
  • other words may be spelled according to how they spell
  • recognize that not all words are spelled exactly as they sound

what spelling development stage is this

Vowel digraphs

2 or more vowel sounds that represent a single sound.


Ex. ai, au, aw, ay, ee, ew, ie, oo, oa, ow, ue

(mail, caught, awful, bay, meet, flew, boot, goal, mow, blue)

Explicitly and systematically
Teaching writing conventions such as punctuation, capitalization, and grammar should be taught…