The foreground is made up of the man’s chest, with a single hand tightening a noose around his neck like he would a tie. The tone Is serious and depressed. The heavy use of blacks and whites presents a feeling of hopelessness, and the attire of the man shows sincerity. The Idea could be that by Joining the workforce we are killing our selves, because we as a society tend to put work above anything else. By doing this, we waste much more time than necessary working for monetary gain rather than doing things that will advance us as people, such as religion, or even Just spending time with family.

This theory is confirmed and emphasized by the elements that are put Into place, such as the light, color, and the proximity of the Alan figure. The colors present in the photograph add a feeling of sincerity and depression more than anything else. However, the worker’s black suit and white shirt that do not only give a sense of hopelessness, it also shows the disconnect between the person’s personal and business lives. Black and white has always been a common theme to show polarity within things, whether it be good and evil, people’s personalities, or as in this case, a person’s Identity.

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The opposing colors can be connected to the lack of individualism that Is common within corporations. The forced wearing of formal attire rather than casual clothes and intra-office bonding activities force the employees to identify as a single comprised entity. While that in itself isn’t a bad thing, for many people work is their life and have little to no time for personal advancement. Along with the suit, the background behind the man is nothing but black; but It Is more of a nothingness than a black wall or something of the like.

This gives the viewer a sense of Insignificance, Like one would feel If they were lost In space. Because there Is a sincere lack of color variance, it makes what little color here is “pop”. In the image, the only thing that is neither black nor white to some degree is the noose, which is a light tan. By being the only non-conforming element, it further clarifies the depressive, suicidal theme of the photo. While color contributes to the theme and concept of the photo, light also plays a major role.

The main light source In the Image Is coming from behind the camera, Illuminating the man’s upper torso, and It Is shelling especially bright on the man’s hand and the noose that it’s holding, either because the hand is closer to the light source or by intention. With this, we can tell that the artist’s main point of focus is the noose, as well as the hand holding it. It further clarifies the theme and message by ensuring that our focus is in the noose, and not anything else.

Like color, the light in the image adds a sense of despair and insignificance by giving contrast and displaying what the artist wants the viewer to see more effectively. The usage of the Elgin AAAS valuably appealing snaking, as well as noels to get ten mall message across. In this case, it does so by making the most important elements of the photo (the noose, the neck, and the hand) more prominent, and easier to see. Since the worker is so close to the camera, it naturally frames the photo so that there can be no doubt about the message or the theme.

There is much more focus on the rope and the placement of the person’s hands than anything else, and thus ensures that no other items could hint at anything other than what the artist is trying to convey to the audience. The proximity of the man is necessary, because if it were further back it could potentially be harder to decipher the intention that the photographer had. Although it probably wouldn’t affect it too much, it makes sense to hint that other elements in the picture would cause more thought than is necessary to get the “big picture”.

That ultimately would not be beneficial, although it probably still wouldn’t affect the end result. The usage of these elements in conjunction with the focus and angle of the photo, help the creator to illustrate an idea about the world that he or she lives in. The noose and the suit emphasize a serious and arguably depressed concept about our society and how we spend our short time here on this planet. I think that the biggest thing that must be obtained from this, though, is that it is a wake up call to live your fife more wisely.

Rather than working an extra 12 hours to get another hundred dollars or so, we should be spending more time with friends and family, doing things that you enjoy, and will make you an overall better person. When our lives revolve around monetary gain, we are doing nothing but wasting hours, weeks, and years so that we can have a better coffin. What we have to remember is that we can’t take money nor physical items with us when we die. Our lifespan are inconceivable short in comparison to the age of everything else in our universe that surrounds us, and we should be living them to the fullest and with a purpose.