The conceptual framework (see Figure 1), which aims to examine the predictive ability as well as the nature and strength of relationship between demographic profile of respondents, customer satisfaction and loyalty intentions. All constructs were conceptualized to fit better into the current study setting.

Based on the original IEEE of Paranormal, Estimate and Berry (1985), service quality was conceptualized as a function for the differences between expectation and performance along with restaurant attributes such as food quality, service transaction, environment, convenience issues, and its overall images. Next, customer satisfaction has been conceptualized in this study as the petrochemical’s post-purchase affective evaluation based on the most recent services consumption experience at the assistant.

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Lastly, the reportage Intention construct has been conceptualized as a customer’s likelihood of revisiting the restaurant during the coming month by adopting the definition of Heeler et al. (2003). Conceptual By Romanesque conceptualized in this study as the photomultiplier’s post-purchase affective restaurant. Lastly, the reportage intention construct has been conceptualized as a adopting the definition of Hillier et al. (2003).