Concussions and their effects on our brain In an everyday game of contact sports a variety of things can happen to an athlete, however, it’s how you deal with those “things” that counts. A concussion on an athlete can be fatal if not treated properly and diligently. An approximate 60 tackles are made in a single football game, but it only takes one to possibly change an athlete’s life forever. The aspect off healthy brain versus an unhealthy or Injured brain Is Immense, not Just in the view of mental Interactions but also the physical side of It as ell.

The picture of the injured brain looks different to the picture of the healthy brain. It looks deformed and also some Indications of a subsumed hematite. How this could affect dally life Is by how many dally Interactions are being Interrupted because of the damage done to the cerebral cortex and any part of the brain that causes movement, touch, taste and smell. Simple actions such as walking and picking things up could be destroyed because of the nerves do not know where to go without the central control center just like sending 20 planes off at an airport and not telling hem where to go from control tower.

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After many concussions being suffered the athlete may have permanent brain damage, needing surgery for repairs. It may also lead to long lasting problems and difficulty learning, speaking and general movement. The short term effects of multiple concussions are nausea, sensitivity to light, and also blurred vision. The long term effects of a single concussion however is that you are more prone to more concussions and any other brain injuries. The short term effects are dizziness, sensitivity to light. As you can see the short term effects of ultimate concussions and a single concussion is very much alike.

Current sporting events such as hardcore contact sports like football experience a multitude of head injuries and concussions every season. In the 2012/13 NFG season over 160 head injuries occurred. The NFG has stated that the athlete must be referred to a doctor for a checkup and he must sit out the games until the symptoms have been cleared. If he has another concussion he must follow the same guidelines but he has to sit out for longer and miss more games. If he suffers a 3rd concussion the athlete will be out or the season.

In high school football the same general guidelines are followed, however, some high schools with less money and budget decreases lead to no athletic trainer on the field letting concussions slip through the cracks leading to long term Injuries and even death. The athlete’s argument Is valid because as determined athletes they want to be out on the field playing and doing something they love. The only problem Is that they don’t know what danger they are putting themselves at. Their argument Is viable but Just not viable enough to let them play putting them at sis of more Injuries and a possible death sentence.