I chose to Interview a woman suffering with the condition of stomach cancer. My interview is a 61 year old woman who was diagnosed when she was 60, this past December. Before client A was diagnose there where a few events leading up to this condition. Client A was having a lot of gallbladder problems, as well as having a hernia on her right abdomen side. After seeing the doctor she had to have her gallbladder removed in the ass due to gain green, which Is an infection.

She did also have a mesh done on her hernia, which led to surgery but has not gone way. She still deals with the hernia which Is soul protruding again. Because of having two surreys done it has effected her kidneys and now one kidney has shrivels up and is being looked at to eventually be removed. Before actually being diagnose with stomach cancer, she wasn’t feeling well, her skin started to take on a yellowish pale color. She started noticing she was having a much difficulties time breathing.

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She was having such a hared time breathing that it got to the point where she could hardly stand or even walk two feet without feeling the sensation of passing out. She started to notice she was always feeling exhausted, she never had any every, and was loosing weight significantly. She felt she was exhausted beyond belief from not doing any activity. Finally she decided to go to the doctors because she was getting worried. The doctors found that she was very anemic and had been suffering from a significant ammo NT of blood loss with no open wounds.

The doctor decided to infuse her with bags of blood to the the anemia under control. the doctor felt it was best to do a MR. first and secondly a pet scan to find out what was causeless such a significant amount of blood loss. After the testing the doctor noticed that there was a grey shadow in the pet scan in her abdomen area. They continued to do more testing and found that it was cancer of the stomach. Her liver was slightly enlarged due to all the blood loss. The doctor thought the cancer was eating the blood.

As a precaution the doctor recommended to her to have Iron infusions everywhere to help keep under control the anemia. She also had to participate In three months of aggressive Kemp therapy Intervention for a few hours weekly at the Walden hospital In Everett. Some side effects of the Kemp therapy that she had suffered from where that her hands and her feet were facing new sensitivities to touch, to cold, the cold sends zings up her finger zips and through her body. Her anterior surface of her hands were beginning to feel off,so she has to wear thick gloves, to prevent shock.

Her nails became very brittle but no signs of hair loss. Also due to the Kemp therapy one of her arms very badly bruised. After three months of Kemp therapy and more testing client A stared to heal and feel much better, but was still loosing weight rapidly. The doctor resided her nausea medicine to help with the fatigue as well as a take home Kemp medicine. Having had stomach cancer has effected her day to day life tremendously. She scant wear regular pants like jeans or slacks. She has to have some type of loose pants with a elastic band kind of like hospital pants or pajama pants.

She has recently lost her appetite and there are a few days were she feels very fatigue but toner teen Tanat Neal wells seen reels much netter teen Deter. I Nils type AT cancer Is very rear especially in woman, it is usually found within black or Asian men. A few wings that have been helpful to client A is that she doesn’t have to work, she can rest as much as possible. Her husband and her family are a great support system for her. Her daughter who lives with her also helps to take vicar of her. But overall she feels the treatment was successful for her.

A few months prior to client A diagnosis her best friend had past away. When client A was at the hospital waiting for the doctor to tell her what she had been iodinated with Client A saw her bestrides was standing in the corner of her room smiling at her. When the doctor walked in the room to tell ere he seemed very sad and was having a hard time telling her, she reached her hand and laid it on his shoulder and told him its okay don be afraid for me you can tell me what I have because I am going to beat it anyways, and she did.

Client Ass prognosis is that they are looking to remove her stomach completely and bring her intestine up to her chophouse as soon as the procedure is completed and she is healed they are looking too remove the shrivels kidney. Eve interviewed two different massage therapists that have worked with someone suffering with this condition. A few contraindications for this particular condition old be position. Someone suffering with this condition cannot lay on there stomach at all, lots of bolstering for stomach legs and arms.

You would bolster the same way you would for a pregnancy massage, with little to none piping. Because of the Kemp treatment you Hanna be careful of DO which is deep vein thrombosis, resulting in the legs could cause blood clotting. MET would want to be using a light pressure, on a pressure scale pressure one and two would be appropriate no more then two though. Most likely wouldn’t want to work the hands because of the peeling Hess is going through, and because there is some splitting in the skin you wouldn’t Hanna cause an infection.

Avoid the stomach completely. If client had had captors of nausea that day you would Hanna use a fragrance hypoallergenic free lotion or oil. Also would want to use sheets that heaven been washed with a scented detergent. Some indication for someone with this condition would be relaxation, nurturing, distressing and a soothing massage. A few benefits that would be beneficial for someone with stomach cancer is relaxation, helps to help someone fall asleep if heir lacking sleep. They will feel very rested and hopefully want to receive another one.

Also because her skin is so dry the massage will be very moisturizing to the skin, which helps decrees the sensation of itchiness. Because the Kemp arm is all bruised I would work on it but could do static holds or some energy work on that arm. Also use arm bolstering so her arm doesn’t rollback and forth. Typically with this type of a client you would want a doctors note but for her you could work a non circulatory massage. You could possibly use a pressure of 3 on her back and shoulders. This massage therapist would like for this client to come weekly, as long as it was affordable.

The second MET I interviewed said threes a lot that goes into setting up a treatment for this client. Timing is everything and if she were to work she wouldn’t want to work either before then go in for their Kemp or at least three to four days after receiving Kemp. Leaving time for the body to interpret. She would also avoid all primary areas as well as all secondary areas where the cancer can spread, also avoid Malone. Also make sure tenure Is no metastases? Winner a t spread Ana IT It 010 dictates avoid those areas. Also keeping in mind of using a pressure of one to two, no deeper then that. Extremely gentle loveless. Use bolsters so everything is nice and soft. An indication might be that massaging the body is nurturing, diffidently Hanna keep her warm, heating pad toasty. Benefits for this person is reducing spotty of treatment, nausea, sleep, giving them a better more positive association with their body. It can be very nurturing experience and showing her, her body can be a source of pleasure. It will also decrease stress, and must feel really good to know omen cares about you and wants greatly to help you and focus.

A massage treatment for this person would consist of again extremely gentle pressure avoid primary and secondary areas lots of soft comfy bolstering, ask client if then would like to side lay or start supine with little to no flipping at all. Met might want to reduce the length of massage too fourth five minutes because an hour massage may be too much. It would be nice to end supine to do some face and neck work. MET would also like to receive a doctors note to perform appropriate massage to give the client the best overall experience.